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Your senior might have held on to their iPhone or Android a decade ago, only to be caught unawares by the February 2022 3G shutdown that rendered those older phones obsolete. Nonetheless, cell phone use among older adults has increased significantly over the past 10 years. In fact, AARP reports that 86% of seniors aged 50-59, 81% aged 60-69, and 62% of those over 70 use cell phones.

A smartphone is no longer a choice; it is necessary for many seniors. The cost of both a landline and a cell phone can be beyond the budget of many older adults. A cell phone makes more sense when choosing between the two as it’s portable and has other useful tools – plus you don’t have to remember phone numbers!

Additionally, landlines are on the rise for most American homes, with fewer than 40% of US adults still owning one in 2021. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your loved ones on board with a cell phone for seniors to be convenient before landlines are no longer an option.

Whether your older adult is technology unfamiliar or has vision or dexterity issues, buying a cell phone means more than deciding between an iOS (Apple) or Android operating system. Our guide to choosing the best cell phone for seniors makes it easy to choose the best model with the functionality, connectivity and durability your beloved senior needs.

Best cell phones for your seniors needs

(All prices listed are estimated base prices, but will vary by carrier and payment plan.)

Tech-savvy seniors living independently

Photo and video fans will love the 13 Pro and it’s one of the best smartphones for seniors living independently. The high-quality camera is the most advanced on the market – ideal for sharing photos from adventures on social media or video calls with family. With up to 28 hours of video playback and a long battery life, it offers entertainment for the whole day. Yes, it’s pricey, but it’s worth the investment for techies, and most cell phone plans from carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and others offer monthly payments. Your senior will never get bored with an iPhone in hand.

Perhaps the best feature of this phone for older adults is the “pen and paper” tool that allows users to write with a pen. Using this option can be easier and more convenient for people with a movement disorder than using a keyboard. Additionally, the ultra-bright display makes it easy to see what’s on screen both indoors and outdoors, and the long-lasting battery means less time wasted on a charger.

Seniors far from their loved ones

The Jitterbug Smart3 phone is one that seniors feel comfortable with and with its security features, it gives loved ones a sense of security. Its large touchscreen makes it easy to use for older adults. Plus, the emergency call system can help families feel reassured that when their older adult needs help, it’s just a phone call — or the press of a button — away. In addition, the GPS locator enables family members to locate their seniors when they migrate.

This entry-level iPhone has many of the features of the higher-priced options in the Apple family, but is easier to use. A big plus is the wireless charging option, which saves seniors from fumbling for their power cords. This phone has Touch ID so you can easily access the phone even in the dark.

seniors in long-term care

This flip phone is a simple product with the option to dictate words, which can come in handy for those who have difficulty making calls. Because it’s not a significant investment, caregivers don’t have to worry too much about it being lost or misplaced in a long-term care facility. There’s still the option for apps on this phone even though it’s a clamshell phone.

Keep it easy to use and inexpensive with this flip phone that’s perfect for those who don’t make a lot of calls or don’t need a lot of features. The two-year plan and very low cost ($2 per month) make this an excellent choice of basic phone for long-term care residents who value every penny.

seniors with vision problems

This phone is designed for people with vision problems. It has large buttons with raised numbers for easier use, and voice guidance will help your senior navigate the phone and make calls. It also has voice-activated text messaging.

The Moto G7 features the Alexa voice command system, making it easier for visually impaired seniors to make calls without using the keyboard. Its large screen can help seniors see what’s on their phones more easily. This phone is best suited for those who are more tech savvy. However, with its Alexa capabilities, anyone can use it conveniently.

seniors with dementia

The Raz Memory Cell Phone is a friendly and no-fuss senior cell phone for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It has large photos to help the user identify who they want to call, a power indicator and an emergency button – and that’s it. This phone also has a redirected 911 option because many seniors with dementia often call emergency help even when they don’t need it. The Raz has a remote management option so caregivers and loved ones can monitor their senior’s phone usage and manage the phone for them.

If your older adult needs monitoring – whether they have a memory problem and tend to run away, or you’re concerned they might fall or injure themselves – check out the apps available to help you keep an eye on them when you can’t be with them.

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