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There are several video calling apps available today that offer many other useful features. Aside from popular apps like WhatsApp for private calls and Zoom for professional calls, Google Duo is another such app used by many. If you’re a Google Duo user or love video calling with your friends and family, this Google Duo tips and tricks article is for you.

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Google Duo tips and tricks

Here are some hidden Google Duo features and tips and tricks you should know to improve your video calling experience.

Send video or audio message

When your friends aren’t online for a video call, you can send them messages through Google Duo. Aside from that, if you just want to remind them of the call or chat, you can send a video, voice message, or even a text note.

1. Open Google Duo on your phone and tap New call.

2. Now search for the contact you want to chat with.

3. If you just want to send them a message, tap the arrow send icon.

4. On the next page, you can choose Photo, Video or Note to send any type of message.

Use filters and effects

Google Duo also offers effects and filters, just like Instagram and Snapchat. With these effects, you can not even change your background, you can even change your face during a video call. To use filters and effects on a Google Duo call:

1. Open Google Duo on your phone and call OR send a message to your friend.

2. On the video or photo screen, you will see Effects and Filters option.

3. Select from the preset ones and tap to send.

4. On a video call, tap the three dots and select Effects from the menu.

5. You can use any effect on your video call from here.

Knock knock function

Google Duo offers a feature called Knock-Knock. This allows users to see a video preview of your call before answering the call.

1. Open the Google Duo app on your phone.

2. Tap the three dots in the top right and select Settings.

3. Here, tap on Knock and Knock and then turn on the toggle for the same on the next page.

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Low light mode

If you’re calling from a dimly lit background and the other person can’t see you clearly, there’s a new feature in Google Duo that can solve this problem. The low-light mode in Duo can adjust the lighting so people can see you better when you’re on the call. How to enable this feature;

1. Open Google Duo and tap the three dots in the top right corner.

2. Now select Settings from the menu.

3. In the settings you will see the low light mode.

4. Tap to activate the switch.

Alternatively, it’s also available as an option on the call screen when you tap three dots. The feature is enabled by default in low-light situations, but you can also disable it in the same settings.

portrait mode

Sometimes you have a messy background at your home and need to join a video call. What are you going to do? Like Zoom and Google Meet, Duo also offers a portrait mode feature to blur your background. How to use it:

1. Open Google Duo and make or receive a video call.

2. Now tap on three dots at the bottom right.

3. From the menu that appears, select Portrait.

That’s it. Your background will be blurred while your face will be in focus.

Group calls with 31 people

Google Duo also lets you create groups and call all members. The Duo app allows you to host a group call of 31 people. However, this function is not available on the Internet. To make group calls in Duo:

1. Open Google Duo and tap New Call on the home screen.

2. On the next page, select Create group at the top.

3. Now select the contacts you want to add to this group.

Once you’ve added all the contacts, you’ll see an option to call that group.

Take notes or doodle

You can also take notes or doodle with Duo Calls. It shows you a whiteboard to draw or write on during calls, and it’s visible to both of you. How to use it:

1. During a Duo call, tap the three dots at the bottom right.

2. Now tap on Family in the menu.

3. A new page will open and from there you can tap on Doodle.

4. You will be presented with a whiteboard to draw anything on. As already mentioned, you can also use effects in this setting.

Share screen and watch together

Just like you can share your screen in popular video conferencing apps, you can do the same in Google Duo. So you don’t have to be in a meeting every time to share your screen. Interestingly, this feature also allows you to watch content with your friends or family. How to use this function:

1. Open Google Duo and start a call.

2. Now tap on three dots and choose Screen Sharing option from the above options.

3. Grant the necessary permissions and that’s all.

Your phone screen is visible to the other person.

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Mirror your video preview

You can also mirror your video during a call if the camera feed isn’t showing you properly. By default, your phone’s front camera shows inverted images; For example, when you raise your right hand, it appears to the other person as your left hand. So you can mirror your preview to keep it as it is;

1. Open Google Duo and call your friends or family.

2. Now tap three dots (stars) during a call and then select mirror mode from the menu.

duo moments

If you want to snap photos while on the phone with friends, there’s a feature called Duo Moments to do the same. However, in order to use this feature, both users need to enable it on their devices. How to use it:

1. During a video call, tap the record button on the screen.

2. If you haven’t already activated it, go to the settings to activate Duo Moments.

3. Also, give your app permission to access your gallery and ask the other person to enable the feature.

Tapping this record button will take a snapshot of your video call and save it to your gallery.

These are some of Google Duo’s hidden features, tips and tricks that you can try on your Android or iPhone. Stay tuned for more tips like this!

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