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Unlike other mobile versions of popular battle royale games, such as PUBG: Mobile and Fourteen days, Apex Legends Mobile is not just a direct port of the original game to your mobile device. This game was developed from the ground up for smartphones. While similar to the base game, the differences here are significant enough to give even the most seasoned Legends a bit of stumbling as they slip into this portable battle royale experience.

You’ll need to get to grips with more than just the new controls as you get used to them Apex Legends Mobileand if it’s your first chance to experience this free-to-play, class-based take on the battle royale genre, you’ll have to learn even more before you can call yourself a true legend.

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Familiarize yourself with the new controls

off in Apex Legends Mobile, you get a nice little tutorial that will help you set up your controls for the game. Essentially, you can choose between the classic or the Apex control scheme. Classic is pretty intuitive, especially if you’ve played other mobile battle royale games with the typical digital thumbstick and buttons. Apex is a bit more complex on the surface, but at least it’s a better starting point for players who intend to invest a lot of time into the game. Whichever one you choose, remember that you can and should use that as a basis, and then make more customized changes to the settings to make it more comfortable for you. Depending on your screen size and the size of your hands, you should adjust the size and spacing of the keys to find the most comfortable one.

Alternatively, plugging in a controller is perhaps the best way to get a handle on the controls, especially for gamers migrating from the console version. If this option is open to you, this is by far the best way to play Apex Legends Mobile. You don’t have to worry about touch controls or your own hands covering the screen. Apex Legends Mobile launched with full in-game controller support, although you still need to use the touchscreen to navigate menus and such, and so far can allow any DualSense, DualShock 4, Xbox One, Series X or S, and Razer Kishi controllers .

Once you’ve set up your preferred controls, don’t jump straight into a game just yet. The shooting range is there for a reason, and the best time to use it is before They start shooting at other players. Again, this is something even seasoned Legends will want to do since the guns are there Apex Legends Mobile feel very different from their console and PC counterparts. If you’re new, it’s even more important to know what each weapon is, how it fires, which ones to always pick up, and which ones to ignore when looting in a high-stakes situation.

Choose the right legend

Wraith emerges from a portal in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Mobile starts with 10 legends to choose from and all have their own special abilities, almost like a light hero shooter. Each has three abilities – Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate – and suits a different role in the game. For example, Bangalore is an offensive Legend with the tactical ability to use a smoke grenade to obscure line of sight, a passive ability that makes her run faster when shot at, and the ultimate ability to order an airstrike on a targeted area . On the other hand, Lifeline naturally has more of a supportive character. She can summon a healing drone, has a passive revive drone, and an ultimate that calls down a care pack full of armor and healing items.

Check out all the Legends, learn about their abilities and play around with them on the shooting range to see what suits your style best. After that, play at least a few rounds with a few Legends in the game itself. It can take a few games for a Legend to click, so don’t discard one just because you’ve had a bad round or two.

This is more of a tip for the inexperienced Apex Legends at all, since all returning legends have the same abilities as before, although there is a new legend Apex Legends Mobile that everyone must learn.

Play the arena modes
Legends narrowly escaping an explosion.

Apex Legends Mobile is more than just a battle royale game. Sure, that’s what the first game was built on, but the Arena modes, like a more classic Team Deathmatch mode, offer a more traditional way of playing. We recommend using these modes first, especially when learning new Legends, as they are more geared towards getting you into firefights quickly. Since you can choose both your Legend and the weapons you want to start each round with, it’s a perfect way to get some real practice for your main focus: Battle Royale.

You can also jump into Quick Battle to get into Battle Royale style. This mode essentially fast forwards a normal battle royale game into the second half, with fewer players overall and an already restricted play area.

Each arena mode also puts you in a section of the maps you’ll be playing battle royale in, so you can learn map layouts as well while figuring out what Legend and weapons you like.

Band together and coordinate

A group of legends prepare for battle.

If you want to take things to the next level and drop in for some serious battle royale, you need a team. Yes, you can line up on your own, but Apex Legends Mobile, just like its big brother, is built around groups of three. You might get lucky and be matched with two others who are willing to work together, but you’ll have a far better experience putting your own party together.

The first important factor you and your team need to dominate is good team composition. It might seem fun to only have attacking Legends, but a well-balanced team of attacking, defensive, and support Legends is much more effective in the long run. For this reason, we recommend that you do not learn just one legend earlier. This way, if necessary, you will at least know how to play a legend from different roles when your favorite is chosen.

Next – and this should be obvious – stick with your team. All of your opponents will run in groups (if they’re smart), and spotting a single player is like a pride of lions spotting a wounded gazelle. Don’t be the wounded gazelle. If you want to go somewhere, tell your team and let them go with you. If they go somewhere, don’t linger or leave behind.

Communication goes hand in hand with this tip. Apex Legends Mobile has a great ping system, and if that’s your only way of communicating, it can get the job done. But nothing beats communication and giving and receiving specific information. Calling enemies, coordinating attacks, retreats, and strategy separate teams that make it to mid-game and those that make it to the finals. However, even with direct communication, use the ping system. Finding a piece of loot that a teammate left for you when it’s pinged is a lot easier than, say, just describing where it is.

Be smart where you fall

Teams of legends falling from the sky leaving colored smoke behind.

Different parts of the maps have different concentrations and levels of loot, making landing in some areas more or less dangerous. The areas with the most valuable loot will be marked purple on your map and should be avoided unless you and your team are confident in your ability to take on multiple teams at once. For a more sustained and manageable drop, opt for areas with more mid-tier loot. The less action you get early on, the more you can scrape together. While it’s not the best loot possible, it’s worth not getting into a huge fight early on and potentially wiping, or at least losing, a teammate.

Also, don’t be afraid to change course as you fall. If you see four other squads swooping down on the same spot on the map you planned, deviate and find a safer place to land.

Don’t ignore the new skill system

An overview of Wraith.

Finally, Apex Legends Mobile introduces a whole new system called skills, which you can unlock for each character in a skill tree. The more you play as a character, the more XP you’ll earn to spend on their specific skill tree based on how well you’ve done and unlock new very useful buffs. These come in three types: perks, finishers, and abilities. Although more than one type can be unlocked for each character, you can only equip one per category at a time to keep things balanced. You can also set these as loadouts that you can easily switch between. None of these upset the balance of the game, but it’s nice to make each Legend a little bit more your own and give you something to work towards over time.

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