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No matter how long you’ve had your iPhone or been an Apple customer, there are still things your handheld device can do that you definitely don’t know about. Thanks to annual updates, there are always new iPhone hacks and iPhone tips and tricks around the corner – here are the best iPhone secrets you need to know right now.

Capture a video AND a picture at the same time

It may never have crossed your mind, but your iPhone lets you record a video and capture a still image at the same time. Just open the camera app, press the capture button on the video panel, and you’ll see a photo capture button in a corner of the screen. Press it whenever you only want to save one frame of your video.

Take a photo even when memory is full

I don’t know about you, but I keep running out of storage space on my iPhone. And still want to take a few photos, selfies or something else. But how do you do that when your camera app is blocking you?

Bypass it by accessing a social media app with a camera feature like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Use this iPhone camera hack and you will see how the captured photo will be saved to the camera roll instantly!

Lock the camera’s focus and exposure

One of the easiest iPhone camera hacks is this one. Did you know that you can lock iPhone camera focus and exposure? That way you don’t have to deal with exposure differences and blurry parts.

Just open the camera to take a normal photo and press and hold anywhere on the screen. A yellow AE/AF Locked icon should appear, letting you know you were successful.

Add subtitles to your media files

Suppose you’ve taken all the photos and videos your heart desires and now you’re having a hard time finding them in the library. One way to make your life easier is to open one (or more) by clicking and sliding up from the bottom of the screen. This should prompt an “Add a caption” box.

The terms you add there make searching a breeze! On the same screen you can also find information about the date and time of the recording, as well as the size and resolution.

Search the web without a browser

Instead of going through your browser app to search the app for a quick query, take the short route. Just swipe left from your home screen to open your search window. Enter your search terms there and view the results right from there.

Create a GIF on iPhone

Did you know that you can make a GIF from your iPhone as fast as possible? And I’m not talking about just one trick up your sleeve that your friends will appreciate, I’m talking about six of them.

Cash our six ways to create, send and enhance GIFs from your iPhone.

Use the Apple logo as a button

Well, that might not have crossed your mind, but having the Apple logo on the back of your phone is more than just a branding trick. It actually serves a purpose.

You can use it as an extra button – here’s exactly how and what it does.

Reply to individual messages like WhatsApp

Maybe you prefer your messaging app for group chats, not the social media apps that WhatsApp and co. offer. That’s perfectly fine, but if it gets busy you should have the same opportunity to reply to just one message from a large thread.

Guess what – with iPhone, you can do that by tapping and holding on the message you want to reply to.

In fact, your action will trigger a short menu from which you must select “Reply” and then start typing! This will start a new thread of messages between you and that person.

Set a timer for your music

If you’re listening to music while you’re showering or dusting and want to stop the playlist after a certain amount of time, good news — Apple lets you do that.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to enter your native music app or Spotify to set this preference, you do enter your timer from the Clock app.

Go for it, choose When the timer ends Check the stop playing box and then Sentence. You will be prompted to set the exact amount of time after which your iPhone will automatically stop playing music.

Backspace in the Calculator app

Did you enter a wrong digit in your calculator? No problem! You can go back one step by pressing an invisible “backspace” button in the app. Just swipe left or right on the entered number area and you will see the app eliminate the last entered digit.

Unlock an iPhone when you forgot the passcode

Maybe you’ve changed your iPhone passwords A LOT lately to protect your data, or you’ve thought of one so complex that it’s hard to remember now. Either way, good news — you can still unlock your iPhone even without remembering your passcode.

Check out our tutorial here!

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone


Bought a new iPhone and hoping to transfer all your contacts easily? There is a way! In fact there are several.

We’ve summarized all the ways you can transfer your contacts from iPhone to iPhone (even if your previous one is lost or can’t be activated anymore). Here they are all – find the best one for you!

Press a key to dial the last number called

Your iPhone is smart enough to remember the last number you called… and not just to keep your recent calls list up to date. It can help you quickly call the last person you called by tapping a button – the green one, call one!

Just go to the keyboard, press it and see the contact and number appear above the keyboard.

Receive flash notifications

This is perhaps one of the best kept iPhone secrets. Ready to uncover it? This way you stay up to date with your notifications without having to hear that annoying default sound.

Instead, your iPhone can flash you every time you get a new ping. To enable this feature, go to Settings – Accessibility and tap on Audio/Visual. From there, toggle the “LED flash for alerts” option.

Record a call on iPhone

Do you want to prove the last call with your boss, your family or your nemesis? 🙂 Now you can do that!

You can do it stealthily, freely, and even using the iPhone’s built-in voicemail option. Try any of these ways to record a phone call on iPhone and see how it’s done!

Tag contacts in group messages

Not only can you reply to only one person in a group message and create a new thread, but you can also tag a friend in a group message.

If you want to get someone’s attention, type the @ symbol followed by their name. Tap the spacebar or place a punctuation mark and the @ symbol will disappear, leaving only the person’s name.

What will this person receive? A digital nudge that makes them more aware of the message being conveyed.

Hide unused apps

They love trying out new apps but rarely stop using them after a few days. If you’re not sure if you want to delete them but don’t want to take up space on your home page, you can hide them.

As? Just tap and hold on an app until a brief menu appears. Choose from there Remove from home screen and the app disappears in the app library.

Launch a website quickly

It doesn’t take long to enter a website’s URL and access it, but if you want to make the most of the time you spend on your phone, check out this iPhone hack!

In your iPhone browser, type the first part of the website address and then press and hold the dot icon on the keyboard. You’ll see a list of URL extensions like .com, .net, but also .edu and .gov appear.

Edit email attachments in the app

Instead of saving an email attachment and then editing it in Files or on your Mac, you can add text, a signature, and more right from the Mail app. Click on the received PDF to open it and look for the “+” symbol. Found it? Now tap on it to add all of the above. Would you like to write on the attachment? Look for the pencil icon and have fun!

Do you have any other iPhone tips and tricks up your sleeve? Share them with us in the comments below!

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