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  • A brand new Insider Build was delivered to the Dev Channel today.
  • File explorer tabs and dynamic widgets have been added to the operating system.
  • Also note that build 25316 also comes with some known issues.

Rebuild windows 11

Yes, it’s that time again, and Microsoft hasn’t delayed this release in any way. The tech giant has started rolling out a new Windows 11 Insider build on the Dev Channel.

Build 25136 is the Sun Valley 3 development for Windows Insiders that will eventually become the version released in 2023.

And you will be pleased to know that the main highlight of this build is the new tabbed UI for File Explorer and the addition of the dynamic taskbar widget.

We’ve previously shown you how to enable these tabs in File Explorer and what to do if you’re missing the feature altogether.

What’s new in Build 25316?

While describing the upgrades added to File Explorer, Microsoft also talked about introducing an updated left navigation pane layout that makes it easier for you to switch between folders.

This update provides easy access to your pinned and frequently used folders (quick access) and your OneDrive cloud profiles added to Windows.

Windows folders, available by default in the Navigation Pane, no longer appear under This PC to focus this view on your PC’s drives.

Aside from the tabs added to File Explorer, Microsoft is also trying to bring more dynamic widgets content to the taskbar.

In addition to the weather widget’s live content, you’ll also see live updates from the sports and finance widgets, as well as breaking news notifications.

changes and improvements


  • We’re starting to roll out the ability for Insiders to report animated GIFs they deem inappropriate via the Emoji Panel (WIN+ .)



  • Fixed an issue that caused some PCs to be incorrectly recognized as tablets. In this case, the compact mode and the option to hide checkboxes in File Explorer did not take effect.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Insiders to experience a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION bug check in recent Dev Channel builds.


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused system tray apps to overflow with the system tray icons.
  • When you hover over an app in the taskbar, its notification no longer flashes.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Start to only show a column of recommended items.
  • Pinning a large number of apps to Start should now update it to show them more reliably.


  • Fixed an issue from the previous flight where the Disks & Volumes section of System > Storage showed no disks or volumes.


  • We made a fix to help with a rare issue that caused title bars to sometimes become transparent or sometimes be missing in certain apps.

[Windows Update]

  • Fixed an issue where Windows Update could unexpectedly show error 0x00000000 even though nothing was wrong.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some devices to error check with HYPERVISOR_ERROR when attempting to update to a new build.

[Task Manager]

  • Fixed an issue that caused Task Manager to sometimes crash on startup after switching between light and dark mode or changing the accent color.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause increased latency or stuttering in games when using V-Sync.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some PCs to freeze after running the wsl –shutdown command.

known problems


  • Windows Insiders on Surface Pro X devices see a black screen when attempting to resume from hibernation on this build. You have to power cycle the device (long power button shutdown) to get back into the device. It is recommended that Insiders pause flighting on these devices until we release a build with this fix.
  • [NEW] We are investigating reports that the mica material and acrylic blur effect are not rendering correctly in operating system interfaces such as the start menu, notification center, and other areas.
  • We’re investigating reports that shutting down from the Start menu isn’t working for some Insiders and is instead restarting unexpectedly.
  • Some games using Easy Anti-Cheat may crash or scan your PC for errors.

[File Explorer]

  • [NEW] The up arrow is misaligned in File Explorer tabs. This will be fixed in a future update.

[Live captions]

  • Certain full-screen apps (e.g. video players) prevent live subtitles from being visible.
  • Certain apps that are at the top of the screen and are closed before live captions are running will restart behind the live captions window positioned at the top. Use the system menu (ALT + spacebar) while the app has focus to move the app’s window further down.

These are the latest updates to the Windows 11 Insider Program Dev Channel released today by the Redmond-based tech company.

Did you download and install build 25316? Any other bugs you may have found, please let us know in the comments section below.

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