Apple iOS 16: The new ways iPhone and Apple Watch are trying to keep you sane – USA TODAY | Hot Mobile Press

Apple devices track your heart rate, steps, and how hard you exercise. In some cases, users said they saved their lives. Now Apple wants to make sure you don’t miss your meds.

Last Monday, during the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled several software updates coming this fall that will change how iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and MacBook are used.

While many of these features will help Apple device owners stay organized and connected, the tech giant is also looking at new ways to get users to think about their health.

“We worked on the (Apple) Watch and realized that the watch was with you all along and thought there was a real opportunity and maybe even a moral responsibility to help people on their journey to health,” he said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, during an interview with USA TODAY. “We’re continuing to pull these threads and do more and more to empower people with information and help them lead healthier lives.”

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