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We buy phones from certain brands for a number of reasons. Some people buy a manufacturer’s phone because they are loyal to the brand, while others buy a brand’s phone because it meets all their needs on paper. Then there are some people who may have just bought a particular manufacturer’s device because they didn’t have any other good choices.

In any case, we wanted to know what our readers think about the switch from their current phone brand. So we asked how likely they are to switch, and here are the results of that poll.

How likely are you to switch from your current phone brand?


We received a great response to this poll, counting just over 2,900 votes. The most popular choice? Well, 19.69% of respondents said it was “very unlikely” that they would switch from their current phone brand. This suggests that these readers would only switch if the current brand disappoints badly in the future or if a competitor offers something excellent.

The battle for second place was incredibly close, with 17.6% of the polled readers voting “I’m definitely staying” versus 17.5% who said “I’m definitely switching.” It is interesting to see that these two diametrically opposed camps get almost the same percentage.

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In fourth place, with 14.89% of the votes, are those who say they are “very likely” to switch. Bringing up the rear was “rather likely” (12.86%), “rather unlikely” (8.89%) and “not sure” (8.58%).

In other words, polled readers who indicated they were very likely not to switch or would stay with their current brand accounted for 37.3% of the votes, while those who indicated that they were very likely or definitely switching brands would switch, 32.4% of the votes accounted for voting. 30.3% of the votes went to those who said they would rather/unlikely switch or just not sure.


  • moabman: Jumped from LG to Pixel. Would have liked to stick with Pixel, but the 6 Pro just had too many issues; mainly with the modem; so tried Samsung. And now, after over a month, I’m not sure I would ever leave. The phone was basically perfect once I learned all the details. Worth the 100 more (special offer and military discount). I also like this S Pen. No need to jump.
  • robrrt: I’ve been a loyal Samsung fan since before smartphones, but after my last trade-in experience, that’s probably coming to an end. My new marketing phrase to them is, “Samsung – we’re number 1 because you’re just a number.”
  • Brian Fowler: With a year-long exception with the Nexus 6, I’ve been using LG phones since 2012, so every time I upgrade from my V60 I ​​have to pick a new brand. I’m not looking forward to it.
  • veesonic: I didn’t like any of the new Samsung options. I hate the lack of headphone jack, SD card, hole punch and expensive prices. I switched to a Sony Xperia 1 III. It was still way more than I wanted to spend, but at least it felt worth more.
  • Pritesh Patel: I switched from S10 to Pixel 6 but there are some bugs that won’t fix so I will most likely switch back to Samsung.
  • My Galaxy Prime: I’ve been using a Samsung since the S3. I now have Samsung watches, earbuds, tablets and TVs. I’m looking forward to the Fold 4 and plan to trade in my Fold 3 to get it. Unless Samsung does something absolutely unforgivable, I’m not switching.
  • Albin: Not sure ticked. All my phones were from different brands. My very good current Moto Z3 Play is Moto Mod compatible and if the series had continued beyond the Z4 I would have gone for it, mainly because of the excellent Mophie clip-on battery which doubles the capacity from 3000mAh to 6000mAh – might have invested in some other mods too. Probably a couple of years or three more after that, but I will return to selling the boxing week sales with an open but not empty mind.
  • Beard Nomad: I have favorite brands, but I’m not brand loyal. If a phone is good enough and I care, I’ll get it.
  • David Josefsen: Well, my Mi 10T Pro 5G is holding up really well so far, especially for mobile gaming! The only other brand here that I can realistically use is Scamsung, but they curse us Norwegians with Exynos. I’d rather buy a Xiaomi top model again soon!
  • Leif Shantz: I’ve switched between brands over the years… I’ve had 2 Samsung, 2 LG, 1 ZTE, 1 Motorola, 1 Pixel, 2 BLU, 1 iPhone in the last decade… My current phone is a Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (upgraded from Pixel 3a) and I think it would sit between Pixel and Samsung for my next phone just because of update commitments.
  • Nnaemeka Nwokocha: Using a Huawei device when you don’t live in China just isn’t that convenient. Yes, I have access to the Play Store because it’s an old device, but the update requirement was severely curtailed after the trade wars. So if I can afford one, a Samsung is definitely on my radar for their update commitments
  • Ben: I don’t think I’ve ever had a “mainstream” phone. From HTC EVO 3D to Blackberry Priv, Essential PH-1, Essential PH-1 again (they don’t like to swim), LG G8X and currently on the Asus Zenfone 7 Pro. I have zero brand loyalty. I’m all for seeing the Nothing Phone

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