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Named after the reintroduction of a classic cyberpunk universe, Shadowrun returns is a brilliant turn-based strategy RPG set in a gritty world full of ultra-futuristic technology alongside magic, elves and dragons.

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In Shadowrun Returns (aka The Dead Man’s Switch campaign name), you create a character who sets out to find out who killed your former accomplice and seek revenge. There are a few things to consider when it comes to achieving this goal – here are some tips to get you started.

Don’t feel restricted by racing caps

Something you might find during character creation is this Some races, like Orcs and Trolls, have ability caps that prevent them from accessing certain abilities and items. For example, trolls have an intelligence cap of six, making access to the best drones and decks impossible.


But don’t think you can’t make a troll decker – There are outfits in the game that increase a skill by one. If you have access to these outfits, you’ll be ready to use them to push your skill limits. While they won’t show up in your Karma menu, they work as intended – a troll decker with a decking skill of six can equip the deck unlocked at seven with the right outfit!

Consider the Nephilim network

Once you encountered a shady man named Jon Bartlett In the Seamstresses’ Union you have access to another category of mercenaries – the Nephilim Network. Designed by Kickstarter backers, these mercenaries are typically less specialized than the regular mercenaries, giving them more varied options in a fight.

Some of them, like Alexander Falk and Alexey, complement a team thanks to their Utility and Support Options, making them versatile fighters suited to any run. Some of them can be expensive, but you might find that they are totally worth it.

The power of decking

Decking is an extremely useful skill to invest in. She will enable you enter the matrix to get valuable data that you can sell, and there’s a lot of that Decking skill checks which are spread throughout the game and can make certain puzzles and areas a breeze.

You do not need to have a deck equipped to pass a decking skill checkbut you’ll need one during missions if you want to enter the matrix.

Unlike the other campaigns in the Shadowrun trilogy, You are not guaranteed access to a decker at all times, and hired mercenaries cannot contribute to skill tests. It is all the more advantageous to put a few points into the skill.

In addition to the previous benefits, bringing points into decking allows you to use the mark target Capability. This gives you a bonus to your accuracy when aiming at the marked enemy and makes pretty much any build more efficient.

If you decide to invest in decking after character creation, you won’t have a datajack. You can have a datajack installed relatively cheaply once you have access to Dr. Have Sara Castle in the tailor club.

Useful social skills

Whenever you reach one multiple of two In your Charisma ability you get a new one etiquette which can be used in conversations to skip puzzles, unlock new dialogues or get better rewards than usual.

While elves start with a Charisma score of two, they don’t start with an etiquette. If you want as much etiquette as possible, consider another breed.

Due to the nature of the game, some of these options are more useful than others – and you can reap the most benefits with some smart choices.

  • Pick security lets you bypass some of the pesky checks dealing with cops and security guards, and gives you the jargon to magic your way into buildings and crime scenes.
  • Pick shadowwalker has some fairly specific perks, most notably allowing you to flaunt your expertise for better quest rewards. You can also use it in many early game conversations.
  • Pick Academic (especially early!) will net you some pretty drastic rewards and let you bypass a crude strength check. If you plan on adopting academic etiquette, take it first.

Sell ​​your Paydata

If you come across confidential information during a mission, you can bet your next trip to the seamstresses’ union will be profitable – as long as you remember you have it.

Whenever you return to the Union, talk to absolutely everyone. Someone will be ready to buy your ill-gotten gains for a hefty sum of nuyen – sometimes for a higher amount than previously thought if you have access to the required labels.

Don’t be afraid of the shakedown

Shadowrun Returns is a fairly linear game – no matter what choices you make, you’ll end up with the same goal. There are no karma systems and the world expected You can use anything and everything you can – and it’s beneficial to do so.

Don’t hold back when given the choice of demanding a bigger reward or skimming a little off the top. You will not be penalized for it.

This tip is most profitable during a Late game side mission that involves kidnapping a scientist. It is possible to ask him to accept the offer, but he is short of 4,000 nuyen. There are no consequences for kidnapping and taking him 9,000 nuyen – apart from maybe your conscience.

Haste is invaluable

Action Economy is one of the most important things to use if you want to master a turn-based strategy game. One of the best – and easiest – ways to do this is this Hurry Curse.

Haste is a summoning spell used by shamans, the supporting casters of the game. It increases your AP by a certain amount for a few turns, with the amount and number of turns determined by the spell’s level.

This is an incredibly useful spell, allowing you to attack more, move farther, and use your most prized abilities with impunity. Haste 4 increases AP gain to two, meaning you can spend up to five AP in a single turn. This is an incredible boon, especially for a spell that can be cast multiple times in a fight.

You start the game with two AP per turn by default. when you reach 120 karmas (This should be around the mission in Psychiatry) You will be automatically upgraded to three AP per turn.

Speed ​​is always good

When deciding how to build your character and where to spend your karma, it’s easy to understand Body is one of the most important stats in the game thanks to the bond with your health pool.

Speed, while often overlooked, can be just as useful – if not more so. While an armed character has a lot of quickness by default, any character can benefit from it Evade Be able. If you’re playing a spellcaster, this is even more important since the enemy AI is smart enough to know you’re a high-value target. Lots of quickness and dodging can even completely negate the need for a huge health pool.

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