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One of the best things players should know before jumping into it Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes This is where this game falls into the timeline. This is not a sequel to the 2019 hit, Three houses. It is instead a retelling of that story, albeit in a different universe.

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It’s something like what this developer did for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Disaster in 2020. At first it seemed like this was going to be a prequel to breath of the wild but that wasn’t 100% true. Getting involved now would spoil things. So that’s one thing you should know before you start Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes but there are many more useful tips along the way.

8th What goes on from three houses

There are many similarities between three hopes and Three houses. For one, players can adjust their difficulty levels on two fronts. There’s the standard light-to-heavy ratio, but there’s also casual and classic modes. Classic kills characters killed in battle, while Casual allows them to stay alive after a fight. Tasks, training, and bonding with teammates also make a return between battles at camp, but the plethora of options has been paired though. It’s also worth noting that the weapon wheel is still important, perhaps now more than ever, even outside of tactical combat. A holdover from the Musou genre as a whole is the co-op gameplay.

7 Focus on Shez

Shez is the new main character for three hopes, replacing Byleth as the default. In addition, Shez, male or female, can speak. Since they are the main hero, drawing attention to them would be a wise decision. It’s important to have a balanced team of soldiers, but that’s where camp training comes in. If anyone ever falls behind on the levels, make sure you top them up with gold at camp. The reason Shez should be the strongest should be obvious. The main character will face more trials alone and will be the focus of the narrative. That’s been true of the series for ages.

6 You can remove the dialog

One of the best things about the Switch is the record button. While the video and screenshot quality is lower than Xbox Series X and PS5, it’s still easier to capture footage on Switch. The graphics might not be stunning, but Three Hopes fans might want to take screenshots of characters during conversations as they look great.

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What players may not know is that these text windows can be momentarily removed for the actual idea of ​​screenshots. This may only help a small fraction of players, but it’s a good thing to learn. Don’t forget to experiment with the menu to try a few things as well.

5 Keep changing classes

The class system is another recurring element in three hopes. Most units start with a generic class like a monk. Monks can then branch off to become either Priests or Mages, which branch off from there. Using units increases the mastery of these classes, just like in the main series. Once a class is mastered, players should immediately switch to another, even if it’s a backwards course. Don’t waste experience points by locking a unit in a class is the general tip.

4 assign moves

One of the biggest evolutionary changes made to these Musou games was before three hopes, is the ability to tactically mark where AI units should go. Before starting a game, check which weapons are most common in the enemy arsenal. If most of the map is covered by axe-wielders, focus on sword-wielders in the four-unit setup. If the map is diverse, create an equally diverse team. Then, when assigning jobs, send units to areas of the map where they’d better be successful. It’s tactical gameplay 101.

3 Take advantage of stuns

Some enemy units can take many hits before going down. The easiest way to eliminate enemies faster, be they rogues or general commanders, is with stun attacks. A shield appears over each enemy when they take damage.

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As more players attack, this symbol becomes weaker. Once it’s fully broken, an X should appear over their heads, which is a button prompt on the controller. Holding on should kill the enemy instantly.

2 Watch out for side quests

There are many types of side quests in the game that appear during a mission. For example, a thief with a key can appear on the map. Killing this thief and getting his key will allow players to open a hidden chest on the map for bigger rewards. If this side quest fails, don’t worry. Most maps can be repeated in each chapter. However, once players leave this chapter, they cannot go back. three hopes warns players about this change when they click on the last mission on the world map. It’s a standard for many RPGs, but there’s a way to come back to it later. Don’t worry too much about being a completer the first time.

1 amiibo support

three hopes unfortunately does not get a new Amiibo for the launch. However, it’s all over fire sign Amiibo will work with the game in some way. Players can use five Amiibo per day and after 24 hours they can use five more. It doesn’t matter if these amiibo are the same or not. There is nothing major that any of these characters will unlock. Rewards vary from crests used to level up classes to fancy weapons. It’s all a toss up depending on which amiibo players have. Test them all and hope for the best.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes was released on June 24, 2022 and is available on Switch.

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