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The iPhone 15 may still be a long way off, but as Apple gears up for big changes, we’re already seeing significant leaks and rumors about the 15 series.

So what will be new in the iPhone 15 and when is it coming? Well the timing is the same as always! The iPhone 15 family is set to launch in fall 2023, and we’re expecting four models that will be very similar in look and feel to the previous generation, but with some key changes inside.

In short, that means 6.1 inches iPhone 15 as an entry-level model, a large 6.7 inch iphone 15 max with a larger battery and then two Pro models, one smaller iPhone 15 pro and his bigger brother, the iPhone 15 Pro max.

It’s possible that all four models will also come with a new USB-C connector, replacing the Lightning connector that Apple has been using for almost a decade. That happens to be the same connector that most other devices in the world use these days, so it might actually help reduce clutter in your drawer. The other exciting new upgrade that may only be available on the Pro models is a new periscope zoom lens, and all models are expected to get a performance speed boost.

What else will be new? And how will it change from the iPhone 14? Read on for the details and don’t forget that we’ll keep updating this page as new information comes in.

Latest iPhone 15 news

iPhone 15 release date

Apple follows a strict schedule that hasn’t changed in years: New iPhones are always announced in early September and arrive on a Friday, a week and a half after the event.

We expect Apple to stay on that course with the iPhone 15 release date and based on that we can predict the announcement to come on Tuesday 12th September with an in-store release on Friday 22nd September becomes.

Keep in mind that it’s way, way too early for these events, and the dates you’re seeing are simply based on calculations and Apple’s strict adherence to an annual schedule.

* – probable dates

iPhone 15 price

Although we know some details about the new features of the iPhone 15, we still have no leaked information about possible prices, and frankly, with the current inflation, which would be a bit difficult to predict early on.

However, if we had to guess, we’d say Apple could stick with the same prices as the previous generation models.

* – estimated prices

iPhone 15 name

Media and leaks all refer to the as yet unreleased 2023 iPhone series as “iPhone 15”.

This is very likely the final name as over the last few years we’ve seen Apple shy away from using S extensions so seems like an iPhone 14S very unlikely.

The four model names of the iPhone 15 series are therefore expected to be as follows:

  • iPhone 15
  • iphone 15 max
  • iPhone 15 pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro max

Nice and simple, isn’t it?

iPhone 15 camera

Leaks so far agree that the iPhone 15 and 15 Max models will stick with dual rear cameras, while the camera system on the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max remains unclear.

One thing we do know is that there’s a very good chance the Pro Max model will get a 5x periscope zoom camera. We don’t know if this camera will replace the currently used 3x zoom lens or if it will come as an additional (fourth) rear camera.

*Based on early leaks and rumours.

Most recently, we’ve heard that Lante Optics, one of the companies rumored to be supplying Apple with the zoom lens, is reportedly continuing to increase its capacity for the prism needed to make this lens. In the same reports, analysts weren’t sure if the periscope lens will arrive exclusively for the iPhone 15 Pro Max model or if the smaller 15 Pro model could get it as well.

We’ll be updating this section with new information as it seems more and more details surrounding this camera will be leaked out.

iPhone 15 memory

After Apple bumped up the base storage to 128GB even from non-Pro iPhones in the 13-series, we don’t expect big changes in storage capacity in the next few years.

This means the iPhone 15 and 15 Max are expected to start with 128GB of storage, while the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max may get 256GB for the base model.

iPhone 15 / 15 Maximum storage capacity:

iPhone 15 Pro / Pro Max storage capacity:

iPhone 15 theme

So far we haven’t seen any early drawings or renders of the iPhone 15 series, but the elephant in the room has to be Lightning’s potential move to a USB-C port.

For years, Apple has resisted using a USB-C port on the iPhone, despite going for a USB-C port for its iPads and Macbooks, but new regulations from the European Commission could finally force it to make the switch . This would mean users would have to get new cables and throw away their Lightning cables, which could be annoying in the short term. However, we think this will work well in the long run as most devices these days use a USB-C connector so you don’t have to worry about getting different cables for your travels, it’s all nicely unified.

In terms of design, we expect Apple to stick with what works, which is glass iPhones with metal frames. Expect glossy glass with aluminum frames on non-Pro models and frosted finish with stainless steel frames on the Pros. We heard too Rumors of all four models getting the “i” shaped cutout on the front instead of the notch the non-Pro models still use.
It’s far too early to say anything about the iPhone 15’s color options right now, but we expect Apple to stick with what it has now and experiment with a few new color finishes for those who want to try something different.

iPhone 15 display

Apple seems to have hit the sweet spot for screen sizes and we don’t expect any major changes, so you’ll have a 6.1-inch screen size on the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro and then a 6.7-inch screen on the iPhone 15 Max and 15 Pro Max. All four models will use OLED screens, but some slight differences in peak brightness will likely remain to give the Pro models a small advantage.

The big question revolves around ProMotion. This technology was previously only available on the Pro models and we’re yet to hear if Apple might change that in the 15 series, but we remain skeptical on the matter.

We know a lot of people have ideas about invisible under-screen cameras that would help the screen feel like a truly borderless thing. Apple is certainly exploring this technology, but it might be a bit early for the company to implement it on a large scale in the 15 series.

iPhone 15 processor and specifications

While we’ve already mentioned the gap between the non-Pro models of the iPhone 15, which may get a slower chip, and the Pro versions with a faster Apple A17 Bionic chip, there’s one thing all four models have in common could: the modem.

Apple had a legal battle with Qualcomm and was keen to move away from its modems. Early rumors suggested that Apple would replace the currently used Qualcomm modem with an internal one, but it seems that the development of this Apple internal modem has now hit speed limits and the iPhone 15 will continue to only ship with Qualcomm modems.

iPhone 15 battery

Apple rarely makes big changes, so it’s very reasonable to expect battery sizes in the iPhone 15 family to be similar to those of the iPhone 14, which in turn will be similar to the iPhone 13 series.

In short, you can probably expect two days of battery life from the Max and Pro Max models, but one day of battery life from the smaller iPhones.

*Predictions based on iPhone 13 battery sizes.

Will Apple increase charging speeds with the advent of USB-C charging on iPhone? We don’t have high hopes, but it’s reasonable to expect around 25W charging speeds for the smaller models and 30W charging speeds for the two larger models.

All four iPhone 15 models are also expected to feature MagSafe wireless charging, Apple’s magnetic charging solution, which can be really handy.

iPhone 15 features and software

The iPhone 14 family marks the first time Apple has used different processors for its Pro and non-Pro models, basically reserving the new chips for the more expensive Pro series.

We expect this trend to continue in the iPhone 15 series, but that will depend on the complicated processor manufacturing environment. For example, TSMC started 3nm production in 2022 that could be used in the Apple A17 Bionic, but it’s too early to say how this will scale.

It’s still a bit early for more here, but we’ll update this section with new information as it comes in.

Should I wait for the iPhone 15?

  • You should wait for the iPhone 15, though They’re excited about USB-C. Using just one cable for all your devices sounds really exciting. Photo enthusiasts should also save up for the Pro Max model, as this periscope lens could be a game-changer for photography and videography.
  • You shouldn’t wait for the iPhone 15, though You don’t want to wait! The iPhone 15 will be released in 2023! There are plenty of capable phones out there, and you probably shouldn’t expect massive jumps in performance speeds or charging either.

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