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Gboard is the default keyboard app for the Pixel and many other Android phones. It’s also one of the best, albeit underrated, Google apps for Android and iOS. While it offers the regular user a seamless, intuitive experience, there’s a lot more under the hood than you might expect. Tools like built-in Google Translate and one-handed mode are extremely useful for all users, and small features like quick fractions come in handy in the right situation.

Whether you’ve been using the keyboard for a while or are just starting out, it’s worth taking the time to explore the various Gboard features. We’ve rounded up our top ten Gboard tips and tricks to help you improve your typing experience.

Activate one-handed mode

If you’re the owner of a large Android phone like the Pixel 6 Pro, you’ll find it difficult to type messages comfortably with one hand. Enabling one-handed mode makes it significantly easier to type messages with just one hand by resizing the keyboard on one side of your screen.

  1. Open Gboard.

  2. Tap the
    button (ellipses)

    at the top right of the keyboard window.

  3. Tap the

  4. Use the three buttons on the side of the one-hand keyboard to bring the keyboard back to full size, change the position of the keyboard, and move the keyboard up and down on the screen.


Capitalize letters with a swipe

Tapping the Shift key to capitalize a letter is pretty quick, but there’s a faster way. You can use Glide-input on the Gboard keyboard and swipe from Shift to a letter to insert a capital letter.

  1. Open Gboard.

  2. Long press the

  3. Drag your finger to any letter and release.

Mix and match emojis

Emoji Kitchen lets you combine two or three emojis into one. Just add some emojis to your text and Gboard will automatically create a brand new emoji by combining them into one. However, the result is a sticker, not an in-text emoji.

  1. Open Gboard.

  2. Tap the
    Key to the left of the space bar.

    1. You may not see them
      Key. If so, tap and hold the
      key to see the button.

    2. You can also update your Gboard settings by tapping the More button, pressing the gear icon and enabling the Show Emoji option.

    Choose any two emojis.

  3. Select the result at the top of the keyboard.

  4. Gboard will replace the two emojis in your text with the combination.

Edit text with the dedicated text editor

Editing a lot of text on your phone can be tedious and time-consuming. Gboard’s nifty built-in text editor tool helps speed up editing of large blocks of text. However, we recommend sticking with your PC or Chromebook if you plan on editing for a while.

  1. Open Gboard.

  2. Tap the
    Button (ellipses) in the upper-right corner of the keyboard window.

  3. Tap the
    text editing

  4. Use the onscreen buttons to select text, move the cursor, copy, and paste.

Translate text in real time

Google Translate is constantly improving, and Google’s keyboard app takes full advantage of these innovations. The built-in Google Translate feature automatically translates text as you type.

  1. Open Gboard.

  2. Tap the
    Google translator
    Button at the top of the Gboard window.

  3. Select the language buttons to select English or the language you are typing in and the translated language.

  4. Enter your message and tap
    button at the bottom right of your screen to confirm the message.

Use your spacebar as a cursor

Did you know that you can show an important cursor control in Gboard? Instead of tapping the screen to place the cursor, you can press the spacebar to move the cursor along the text. Simply swipe left or right on the spacebar to move the cursor. It’s a practical and precise tool that simplifies text correction on your Android or iPhone.​​​​​​​

Double-tap the spacebar to insert a period and a space.

With Gboard, you can quickly end and begin a new sentence by double-tapping the spacebar. Double-tapping the spacebar activates autospace, a feature that automatically adds punctuation and a space to your sentence. You don’t have to worry about capitalization for the next sentence either, since Gboard will automatically finalize the first letter. It’s an easy way to speed up typing.​​​​​​​

Enter common fractions with a tap

Gboard provides a convenient way to quickly enter fractions. Tap and hold any number to see a list of available fractions.

  1. Open Gboard.

  2. Tap the
    button at the bottom left of the window.

  3. Tap and hold a number.

  4. Tap a fraction to insert it into your text.

Convert your handwriting to typed text

If your phone came with a pen, like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can handwrite in Gboard. Gboard converts your handwriting to text as you write, and you can use it for any language. After you write a word, Gboard immediately clears the screen, allowing you to handwrite your text with minimal delay. It’s a nice alternative to texting or Google searches, but you’ll probably want to stick with typing anything, which takes a lot longer.

  1. Open Gboard.

  2. Tap the
    Button (gear icon) at the top of the Gboard window.

  3. Beat

  4. Tap the language you’re handwriting in.

  5. Choose

    1. Here you can also customize the keyboard to suit your writing style.

  6. Beat
    in the lower right corner of your screen.

Once you’ve enabled handwriting, tap globe Button to the left of the Gboard space bar. You can use a finger or a stylus to start writing text.

Dictate text with voice input

If you want to give your thumbs a rest, you can dictate to Gboard instead of typing. Just tap the microphone button in the upper-right corner of the Gboard window and start speaking. Tap the button again to disable voice input.

Use Gboard to make typing a breeze

Gboard is one of the best keyboards you will find and has a long list of great features. But it’s not just an Android app; You can also use Gboard on your iPhone. But if you’re not a fan, you might want to try another keyboard app like Swiftkey, one of the best Android apps.

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