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Blizzard has partnered with veteran mobile developer NetEase to release the first Diablo game for mobile, Diablo Immortal. The title aims to bring back the magic of the series with quality gameplay and controls, a lower barrier to entry with the free-to-play model, and a well-defined storyline that doesn’t require a lore roadmap to keep newcomers following. So if you’ve never touched a Diablo game before, now is a better time than ever to get a taste of why Diablo was such a financial success for Blizzard.


Diablo Immortal isn’t afraid to slowly feed its primary mechanics as you progress through the main quest. So instead of relying on an unnecessarily slow and gradual learning curve, Android Police has put it all together with a handy beginner’s guide. We’ll teach you about the selectable character classes, the multiplayer elements in the game, and how to get to grips with the messy gear upgrade system.


Choose your class

Each class has a specific play style; However, some classes are slightly better than others at certain things, depending on what type of content you want to focus on the most. Some classes provide an advantage over PvP content compared to others that excel in the game’s story content. So we’ve created a list of classes with complementary strengths and weaknesses to guide you through the game’s more impressive content.

Customize your character

When you choose your class, you have the option to customize your character. You can choose gender, skin tone, hair style, eye and color, face texture and face tattoos/makeup.

When you’re done, choose a name/tag for your character. Since Diablo Immortal is a multiplayer game, other players will see the chosen name/tag.

playing style

Combat in Diablo Immortal feels very similar to previous games in the series. Combat feels exceptionally smooth. Using nifty ARPG mechanics, manage cooldowns to combine your strongest attacks and deal tons of damage. At the same time, the best measure of survival is to constantly dodge and avoid on-screen projectiles and trajected attacks (red circles). Tip: Learn how to effectively stun and knock back opponents, as gameplay often boils down to buying time before you can unleash your powerful abilities.

Some abilities are stronger in single target situations, while others provide helpful crowd control against hordes of monsters. You can customize your skills and primary attack loadout as you learn more through leveling up. Everything levels up as you gain experience points.

Quests are displayed in a dialog box on the playing field. If you decide to navigate your quest, footprints will show where to go next. If you follow them, you will get to the next objective. Autoplay is offered for quests; However, if you come across enemies along the way, you’ll have to take them out manually.

upgrade systems

It shouldn’t come as a shock that neglecting to upgrade your weapons and gear won’t get you very far. Some dungeons are a gear test to see if you’re strong enough to complete them, and you don’t stand a chance in PvP if your gear isn’t up to par. New players don’t need to worry too much about weapons and gear, but should be aware of how these upgrade systems work – you’ll be throwing away/salvaging most of your gear at the start anyway.


There are 12 gear slots to manage in Diablo Immortal, divided into primary and secondary categorization. Primary gear includes your weapons, head, chest, legs, and shoulders, while secondary gear covers accessories, hands, feet, and waist. Rarities come into play for every piece of gear; common (white), magic (blue), rare (yellow), and legendary (gold). For the most part, you’re converting commons and magic into crafting materials, only upgrading your rare and legendary pieces by combining them.

Most of the upgrades happen once you reach Westmark. Visiting a Blacksmith allows for salvaging (disposing of your gear for crafting materials) and upgrades. Upgrading primary gear costs gold, enchanted dust, shards, and scrap, while secondary gear uses Engimatic crystals. When you start upgrading, your equipment gains an equipment rank. Rare gear caps at gear rank 5 and Legendary gear caps at gear rank 10. Tiering your gear increases base stats/attributes and adds other bonus attributes. There is an incentive to work towards acquiring legendary gear by grinding dungeons and defeating more formidable enemies.

note: If you are unsure whether to upgrade, you have the option to transfer your gear rank to a higher rarity of the same type. That way, it’s not necessarily a complete waste of resources.

battle pass

Another method to level up resources (useful for upgrading) is to work through the Battle Pass. You must purchase Battle Points to upgrade your Battle Pass. Battle Points are earned by completing activities and seasonal quests, but you stop earning them once you reach your weekly cap. The cap resets every Monday and points from seasonal quests do not count towards your weekly cap. Some activities may be repeated each week to guarantee Battle Pass points. You unlock the Battle Pass after completing the Mad King’s Breach for the first time; A free version is available by default, but you can purchase a premium version, Empowered, to unlock more rewards.

note: Battle Pass resets every season, so always claim your rewards before the current season is over.

Complaint in the shop

Another reliable source for getting upgrade materials is the free daily pack in the shop. To get your free daily pack, go to the shop in your main menu and tap Claim now. It may not matter much at first, but it will eventually add up if you stick to a routine of making claims every day.

Legendary Gems

It’s no secret that legendary gear is the best you can get in Diablo Immortal. Each piece of gear retains a chance to hold a socket in which you equip gems. Gems are divided into normal and legendary. Equipping gems grants access to modifiers, further enhancing your gear and enabling your class’s gameplay. If you place a legendary gem in one of these empty slots, the value of your equipment will skyrocket. The catch is that Legendary Gems are very difficult to find, so make sure to use your Rare Crests for Elder Rift Pulls whenever you can.



In Diablo Immortal, Warbands are miniature versions of Clans (you can join Clans later). Only up to eight players can join a Warband. The Warband menu allows you to browse and apply for existing Warbands. If you are not interested in finding a warband from a list to play with, you have the option to make a post for other warband leaders to view where they can invite you to join. The perks of joining a Warband include increased drop rates when playing with other Warband members, ranked rewards when challenging Helliquary bosses, and access to a Warband storage box.


You will come across dungeons that are solo or have support for up to four players. These can be completed throughout the story. Note that you will be matched with players that only exist on your server (there is currently no way to play with friends on other servers). Expect to encounter tough monsters and bosses in a dungeon. always prepare thoroughly beforehand.

Once you enter Westmark, you will be introduced to the Elder Rift and the Challenge Rift. These are repeatable dungeons, but may require crests to open, such as Such is the case for the Elder Rift. It’s only worth using Legendary Crests, but that’s a valuable resource and challenging from a free-to-play perspective. However, using a Legendary Crest will guarantee you will receive a Legendary Gem (read the Upgrade System section to learn more about what it means) in your rewards, while Rare Crests will add runes to your reward pool, which are used to craft gems .

In contrast, the Challenge Rift does not require crests to open. The dungeons are inherently much more difficult, so they may require proper preparation before going inside. Rewards include higher quality gear and enigmatic crystals that you can use to upgrade your gear.


If you are interested in PvP content, there are a few options available. The first is Battleground mode. Six players fight to protect an ancient heart while the attackers try to bring it down. Next is the Cycle of Strife, an endgame activity that pits immortals against shadows, resulting in 8v8 PvP, but only players who have joined a dark clan can participate. note: To become a dark clan you have to participate in a lottery system to be considered.

Diablo Immortal is a deep ARPG

Fans and newbies finally have Diablo stories to chat about; Diablo Immortal expands on the storyline between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III while still providing a well-contained storyline for those who jump right in. As it will be some time before the next Diablo game within the mainline series comes out, you might as well get your hands on the Diablo lore by checking out Diablo Immortal using the widget linked below.

Oh, and if you’re in the mood for more action RPGs that bring just as much polish to Diablo Immortal’s gameplay; Fortunately, there are a few alternatives that fit the bill.

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