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Never trust a sneaky snake with an iPhone! The popular iOS device from Apple offers a wealth of practical, useful functions that enrich everyday life. (Did you know that you a Harry Potter Cast a spell to open your iPhone’s flashlight by saying “Hey Siri, lumos!”?)

However, while most take advantage of these beneficial iOS perks for good, there are a few bad apples that will no doubt rub their hands devilishly at the thought of using these tricks to facilitate their deceptive schemes. They can “Muhahaha!” anything they want, but you, dear reader, will be armed with knowledge of the little-known traits that villains use to dupe their prey.

iPhone 12 mini

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Without further ado, we’re going to highlight some of Apple’s coolest iOS features that could be exploited for your own selfish desires.

Eavesdrop on someone’s conversation

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