Apple has again adjusted the maximum trade-in values ​​of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac models and lowered the amount customers can get when they trade in their existing devices for one of the company’s newer products.

The old and updated iPhone trade-in values ​​are below.

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: Up to $600, less than $650
  • iPhone 12 Pro: Up to $500, less than $550
  • iPhone 12: Up to $400, less than $420
  • iPhone 12 min: Up to $300, less than $320
  • iPhone SE 2nd Gen: Up to $140, less than $150
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: Up to $400, less than $420
  • iPhone 11 Pro: Up to $300, less than $350
  • iPhone 11: Up to $230, less than $300
  • iPhone XS Max: Up to $220, less than $250
  • iPhone XS: Up to $170, less than $200
  • iPhone XR: Up to $160, less than $200
  • iPhone X: Up to $150, less than $170
  • iPhone 8 Plus: Up to $140, less than $160
  • iPhone 8: Up to $90, less than $100
  • iPhone 6s Plus: Up to $40, starting at $50
  • iPhone 6s: Up to $25, starting at $30

Apple has also updated the trade-in values ​​for the Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch, which can be seen below.

  • iMac Pro: Up to $1350, less than $1500
  • iMac: Up to $830, less than $850
  • Mac Pro: Up to $1800, less than $2000
  • Mac mini: Up to $400, less than $450
  • iPad Pro: Up to $555, less than $655
  • iPad Air: Up to $275, less than $290
  • iPad: Up to $180, starting at $190
  • iPad mini: Up to $185, starting at $200
  • Apple Watch SE: Up to $105, less than $120
  • Apple Watch Series 5: Up to $115, less than $120
  • Apple Watch Series 4: Up to $75, less than $85
  • Apple Watch Series 3: Up to $40, less than $50

As a reminder, prices listed on Apple’s trade-in websites are estimates only. Actual trade-in value will vary based on device condition. Apple regularly changes trade-in values ​​and see Apple’s website for more information.

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