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Exuberant and grateful representatives from 100 Coachella Valley nonprofit organizations gathered on July 1 for Anderson Children’s Foundation (ACF) annual distribution of scholarships. ACF supports programs that empower and inspire youth under the age of 18 in our area. Since 1993, the organization has awarded more than $18 million in grants to support 1,263 projects. This year, the selected grantees received a total of $1,432,258 in funding.

The Anderson Children’s Foundation was established by Irene Anderson in 1970 to honor her late husband Guy. Although childless, Irene endeavored to take care of the unmet needs of all children, regardless of their origins.

Diana Schlesinger currently acts as trustee and continues to fulfill Anderson’s legacy. “It’s wonderful to influence so many children,” Schlesinger said. “Thanks to Irene’s vision, young lives are enriched through programs that help them overcome challenges, foster creativity and broaden horizons.”

ACF strives to make its funding accessible to charities, nonprofit organizations, schools, churches and communities. “We have a simple online process for grant applications and avoid lengthy applications and multiple forms,” ​​said Schlesinger. “Since we exclusively serve Coachella Valley, we get to know our grantees and see how the children benefit.”

Students attend a Palm Springs Opera Guild convention.

Brianna UhlhornDirector of Grants and Media at ACF, said, “These organizations appreciate that we see their programs come to life. I can witness a child experiencing a theatrical performance for the first time, or picking up a new musical instrument, or stepping out of their comfort zone at a sleepaway camp. It’s very rewarding.”

Here are just some of the great programs the Anderson Children’s Foundation is supporting this year:

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