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Apple IOS 16

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Apple released the first public beta for iOS 16 on Monday. That means anyone with an iPhone 8 or newer can try an early version of the next big update for the iPhone, which is expected to accompany new iPhone models sometime this fall.

iOS 16 allows users to customize the iPhone lock screen, cancel and edit iMessages, schedule emails, and more.

Like any pre-release software, it will contain bugs, so users should be careful when installing it on a device used for work or daily use. It’s best suited for technology enthusiasts who want to see what’s coming in front of the general public and are willing to help Apple identify problems.

“Please note that because the public beta software has not yet been commercially released by Apple, it may contain errors or inaccuracies and may not perform as well as commercially released software. Make sure you back up your iPhone or iPad and Mac with Time Machine before installing beta software,” Apple warns on its website.

Apple unveiled iOS 16 at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in June. Users with an Apple developer account were able to install iOS 16 shortly after the conference.

The public beta released on Monday no longer requires a developer account and aims to get the public’s help to fix bugs before an official release.

The software will be available to anyone with an iPhone released in 2017 or later. The oldest supported device is the iPhone 8.

This year, iOS 16 has several important improvements, especially for the messaging experience in iMessage and Mail.

Big changes include:

  • Customizable lock screens. Users can add smaller widgets with real-time data like weather forecast on the lock screen and even change the clock font for the first time.
  • Send and edit iMessages. Users have 15 minutes after sending a message to edit or unsend a message in iMessage. The other user doesn’t get a notification, but sees that the message has been edited or recalled.
  • Better group SMS with Android users. Android users’ reaction to an iMessage like little thumbs up is no longer displayed as an announcement. These reactions are attached to text messages in the same way as an iMessage.
  • Plan emails for the future. The built-in Mail app on iPhones now has a more functional search function, as well as the ability to schedule an email to be sent at a time in the future, e.g. B. Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m
  • Artificial intelligence automatically sorts, edits, translates and shares photos. IOS 16 uses AI to automatically share photos with up to six people, depending on who is in the photo – e.g. B. Children or family members. The AI ​​can translate text in photos or videos that the user takes, as well as cut out a subject, such as a person, from a photo and paste it as a sticker in Pictures or other apps.
  • Short-term credits in Apple Wallet. Apple introduced a feature called Apple Pay Later, which allows users to make purchases using Apple Pay first and then pay off the balance through four payments over six weeks. Apple Wallet in iOS 16 will also make it easier to share digital cards or house keys via messaging.
  • Apple Maps can add multiple stops to a route. Apple Maps lets you add different stops to a route. Next year, Apple will introduce an updated version of its CarPlay car software that takes advantage of this Maps update and integrates more tightly with the car’s built-in hardware.
  • More ways to control notifications. Apple will allow users to have completely different wallpapers or app setups for different times of the day, e.g. B. when the user is at work or asleep.
  • “Hey Siri, hang up.” Siri will soon help you end a FaceTime or phone call.
  • Apple’s Home app is getting a redesign. Apple also said it supports Matter, an open standard for smart home hardware like locks, lights and blinds. Also, the Home app has been redesigned to better show things like multiple cameras in and around your home in an easy-to-view side-by-side mode.
  • Medication and sleep tracking in the health app. Apple’s Health app now allows users to enter their medications and how often they’ve taken them. It can also notify users when it’s time to take medication. Apple Watch owners can monitor their sleep and heart rate in the iPhone Health app.
  • security check. A new feature called Safety Check allows users to check all services and apps, such as B. Quickly disable location shared with the user’s family. Apple said the feature was developed in collaboration with women’s groups and is specifically designed to make it easier to stay private or protect personal information and security when exiting an abusive relationship.
  • Use your iPhone as a webcam. With iOS 16 and the new version of macOS, users can now use their iPhone as a webcam in a feature called Continuity Camera with the right laptop mount.

Here’s how to install iOS 16 public beta on your iPhone

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If you want to see and test these and other changes right away, installing the public beta is easy, but not as easy as a typical iPhone software update.

  • Visit Apple’s beta software website on your iPhone and register or sign in with your Apple account.
  • Sign up by selecting “Register your devices” and agreeing to Apple’s terms.
  • Choose the software you want to try – Apple has also released a public beta for iPads.
  • Click the Download Profile button. Your phone will warn you that it is trying to download a configuration profile. approve it
  • Go to Settings and click on the “Profile Downloaded” section at the top of the app to download and restart your phone.
  • Go to Settings and check for an update. It will download and install the beta.

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