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At the moment there are 23 free apps for Android and iOS that you can download and install! Depending on the operating system, you can install a colorful bunch of apps over the weekend and put them through their paces. However, you should hurry as most free downloads are only available for a few days.

The free content in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are experiencing price reductions as part of a promotion. For example, developers can push their apps up the leaderboards or simply generate new users. For you, it’s a way to get ad-free apps or premium content without having to spend a single penny.

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If you want to find free content yourself, read our guide to finding and installing free apps safely.

Tip: Don’t have enough free storage space on your smartphone? You can either clean up your smartphone or install the free apps and uninstall them straight away. This way you can download them again for free in the future as they are part of your purchased app library.

Free apps and mobile games in Google Play Store

Free Android Apps

  • Livemocha: learn languages ($0.99): With this special edition of Livemocha you can learn more about the language of your choice in just a few days.
  • scream screen ($0.99): An app that automatically creates and resizes the text on your screen so you can get all the attention in the world with your ads.
  • Mobile document scanner ($4.99): This application allows you to scan documents using your smartphone’s camera.
  • Tap Block Pro ($2.99): Put an end to accidental touches on the sides of the screen by defining areas where the smartphone ignores your fingers or hands. Ben has explained in more detail how the app works in this article.
  • Bubbles battery indicator ($1.49): A beautiful loading animation app that helps to improve the appearance of your smartphone with bubbles. You can customize the bubbles’ loading animation by changing their size and color, or set alerts for a specific loading level.
  • Smart navigation bar ($0.99): This application turns the default Android navigation bar into a stunning navigation bar with slideshows, cool animations and an energy bar.
  • Reminder Pro ($2.29): This easy-to-use app increases your productivity by reminding you of everything you need at the right time. It sets deadline notifications, meetings, and more. It also offers a useful widget, backups, and daily summaries.

Free Android Games

  • Spelling PRO ($1.99): A game where you have to decide if words are spelled correctly or incorrectly. Since there are only English words, it can be a good way to learn English.
  • Fall of the Empire: World War II ($0.99): Another tower defense game, This plays with different scenarios and fronts during the Second World War.
  • Legend of Heroes ($0.99): Your mission will be to save the world by using your heroes and their special abilities against the AI ​​or other players.
  • Release the pharaoh ($0.99): A calming puzzle game with over 2,000 puzzles. You basically have to move all the other sarcophagi to free the pharaoh’s coffin.
  • Word Search PRO ($1.99): A simple game where the goal is to form as many unique English words as possible. There are two modes: Challenge and Relax.
  • Ruby Square ($0.99): A 2D Rubik’s Cube with different levels of difficulty, ideal for puzzle and logic lovers.

Temporarily free iOS apps on the Apple App Store

Free iOS apps

  • app secret ($1.99): Keep important information safe on your iPhone or iPad with App Secret. The app offers a variety of locking mechanisms to keep photos and videos, voice memos, notes and contacts safe.
  • OCR text recognition ($6.99): An application to recognize any text from an image with an accuracy rate between 98% and 100%. This text scanner recognizes all Latin languages ​​like English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Norwegian, Danish etc.
  • Mobile document scanner ($4.99): This app, which allows you to scan documents using your smartphone’s camera, is also free for iOS
  • Let’s lead ($0.99): Use your iPhone or iPad as a LED display sticker, with personal messages or simply as a clock.
  • inking ($9.99): A smart coloring app that colors your black and white photos in an amazing way. They can give your chairs a very nice vintage look.
  • TinyPrinter ($0.99): A practical app to print your photos in a personalized way, with which you can also create collages.

Free iOS games for iPhone

  • Match Attack! ($0.99): A simple matchmaker game that wants to drive you crazy with many modes and especially the hardcore mode.
  • Treasure Scavenger Hunt Games ($9.99): You must guide the princess to achieve her goal and use her bionic arm to wield a powerful staff capable of defeating her opponents.
  • Pegasus Flight Simulator Games ($9.99): A new open world game on horseback. Learn to fly on a real and wild unicorn and pegasus.
  • Cover Shooter: Free Fire Games ($0.99): An offline action game where you play as a cover shooter to fight against the opposing side.

What do you think of our picks this week? Have you found other interesting apps or games in Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Feel free to share your goodies in the comments.

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