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Are you looking for a specific word on a web page? If so, make your task easier by using your browser’s search function to find specific terms on the current webpage. Another option is to use Google search with a custom parameter. We’ll show you both ways.

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Find a word on a webpage in Chrome, Firefox and Edge

To find a specific string of text or numbers on a webpage, use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge’s Find in Page feature to quickly find all occurrences of your word. You can do this in both the desktop and mobile versions of your browser.

On the desktop

If you’re using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge on a desktop, use a keyboard shortcut to quickly find your word on your current page.

First, access the webpage where you want to find a word in your web browser. When the page loads, press Ctrl+F (Windows) or Cmd+F (Mac) to bring up the search function.

Alternatively, start the search function in your web browser as follows:

  • chrome: Select the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner and choose “Search”.
  • fire fox: Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner and select “Find in Page”.
  • edge: Select the three dots in the top right corner and click Find on Page.

Once you have accessed the feature either way, you will see a text box on your screen. In this field, enter the word you want to find on your current web page.

Enter the word to search for.

As you begin typing the word in the field, your browser begins to find all occurrences of that word on the current page. These occurrences are highlighted so you can find them easily.

Words highlighted on a web page.

To move to the next occurrence of your word, use the up and down arrow icons next to the text box. And that’s it.

On the phone

To search for a specific word on a webpage on your phone, first make sure the webpage you want to search is open in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge on your phone.

In your web browser, tap the three dots to open the browser menu. Then select “Find in Page”.

Beat "Find on page" in the menu.

A text box will open. Enter the term here that you would like to find on your current page.

Enter the word to search for.

Your mobile browser will highlight all occurrences of the word you typed.

Highlighted words on a web page.

And you’re done.

Search a word on a webpage in Safari

Both the Mac and iPhone versions of Safari offer the ability to search for a specific word on a web page. How to use this feature on your Apple devices.

On Mac

If you are using a Mac, first launch Safari and access your website.

When your webpage loads, bring up the search function by pressing Command+F. Alternatively, you can choose Edit > Find > Find from the Safari menu bar.

In the text box that opens at the top of the Safari screen, enter the word to search for. Safari highlights this word on your current webpage.

Search for a word on a webpage in Safari for Mac.

On iPhone

Start Safari on your iPhone and access your website. Then tap the Share icon (an arrow pointing up from a box) on Safari’s bottom bar.

From the menu that opens, choose Find in Page.

Tip: If you don’t find the Find on Page option, swipe left on the bar above the Cancel button.

Choose "Find on page" from the menu.

In the search box, type the word you’re looking for and Safari will highlight it on your current webpage.

A highlighted word on a web page.

You’re done.

Use Google search to find a specific word on a web page

If you can’t (or don’t want to) open a webpage to find a word on it, use Google search to find a specific word on any webpage and see the result directly on Google’s search results page .

To do this, first open your web browser and start Google.

Use the following search term in the Google search bar to search for a word on a webpage. In this query, replace word with the word you are looking for and URL with the full URL of the webpage you want to search.

word site:URL

For example, to search for the word shortcut on the following website:

Type the following query into Google’s search bar and press Enter:

shortcut site:

Enter the word query in Google search.

When the search results appear, you’ll find a short snippet from the specified web page that highlights your searched word. You can visit the actual full webpage by clicking on this search result, but note that your searched word will not be highlighted on this page.

Results page in Google search.

And this is how you can find out whether a specific word or number is present on a web page in both your web browser and Google search. Very helpful!

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