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PES students design smart watch for pets

Bengaluru-based PES University is poised to launch FOND, a pet smartwatch designed by three of its students

If you are a pet parent and want to keep an eye on your animal, here is a “smart” solution.

Bengaluru-based PES University is ready to launch FOND, a pet smartwatch developed by three of its students – Pallavi, Prarthana and Vismaya. The students say it will help pet owners keep track of their pets’ overall health.

Speaking to reporters, Suresh N, director of startups at PES University, said that “FOND” will be available at

“We already have a few customers and are planning a big launch in a few days,” he said. “This watch should be attached to your pet’s neck to track their activity. This will also help extend the lifespan of pets by showing feed intake and the right amount,” he explained.

The PES University startup department received over 250 ideas, of which it completed 28. As part of the golden anniversary celebrations, the university plans to invest in 50 startups. At least 15 companies founded at the university have applied for patents.

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