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YouTube is rolling out some new updates to shorts, including new creation options and an expansion of shorts designs.

First off, on the creative options – YouTube is introducing a new “Cut” option that will allow short film creators to do this Sample a short segment (1-5 seconds) of appropriate shorts and VODs to use as the intro for your short clip.

The process offers more ways to drive users to your shorts, using popular content as a contextual starting point for your own video.

As you can see in these images, you can access the new cut option via On the watch pages, click the create button or tap the three dots menu while watching a short film from the shorts player.

When you create a short via cut, an attribution link is inserted into your short that leads back to the original source clip.

YouTube shorts cut

YouTube says it is still determining the monetization implications for this feature, although the creator of the original clip cannot currently monetize subsequent shorts created through the cut option. However, creators gain additional exposure potential through these referral links.

YouTube also provided an update to its shorts green screen feature, which it first rolled out to select users in May.

Green screen youtube shorts

According to YouTube, the feature is still rolling out to iOS users before expanding to Android as well.

Similar to the same option on TikTok, this feature allows you to sample up to 60 seconds from a short film or other legal videos on YouTube, which you can then use as the background for your short clip.

As explained by YouTube:

“You can control whether you want to use audio or video, or both, from the original video you’re sampling, and you can control how prominent you are on screen by pinching your image while you’re on camera. Similar to clipping, if someone samples your content to create a green screen video, there is an attribution link that users can click to revert to the original source video.”

As mentioned, the feature has been available to some users for a few months, but more creators will have the option soon.

YouTube is also expanding on shorts drafts, with users now being able to save as many drafts as they wish within the shorts creation flow.

YouTube Shorts Designs

Previously, short film creators could only save one draft at a time, but the new process will allow for more drafts, giving more options in your process.

Drafts are available through the shorts camera, with a new “Drafts” icon being added to the bottom right of the screen when Drafts are present. YouTube also notes that drafts are device-specific. So if you switch devices, you won’t be able to access your drafts from another phone.

Drafts are currently only available for iOS.

On a different note, YouTube has also shared some interesting insights into the way its algorithm highlights older short films and the discovery potential for your clips.

According to YouTube:

“If you go to your YouTube Shorts feed today, you might notice a lot of videos that were recommended to you that were released weeks or even months ago. A few things to keep in mind: When viewers show more interest in an older video, the topic may become more popular. Google Trends is a helpful tool for seeing how world interests are changing. new viewers [may] also want to discover your channel and watch your older videos and more viewers [may be] choose to watch your video when it is offered to them in the feed, or your video could be picked up in the press or shared on social media.”

All of these factors can play a role in sorting the shorts feed, according to YouTube, which is interesting to consider when considering how specific clips appear to specific users, potentially providing a more evergreen value for shorts clips.

YouTube also notes that it’s working to enable its Super Thanks Creator donation option in shorts, with an initial beta testing process planned for later this year.

Shorts has quickly become an important element in the broader YouTube creator landscape, with SOverall, Horts clips are now viewed an average of over 30 billion times a day. The potential for cross-promotion and engagement via shorts provides more capacity to maximize your YouTube channel, resulting in more viewers and more monetization options within the app.

That could prove to be a big lure, especially since TikTok’s monetization tools are still a work in progress. Ultimately, if YouTube can continue to build on its short-form tools, it could give it an edge over TikTok in the battle for creative talent, which could see YouTube eventually win from the broader short-form trend.

And as TikTok faces increased regulatory scrutiny, there’s also a chance that YouTube could attract many TikTok users who are worried about the app’s long-term viability.

Sure, Shorts is a TikTok ripoff, but overall it’s very clear why YouTube is pushing the option.

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