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The Mac Mini, the portable Mac for desktop users, was Apple’s best shot at bringing heavy users on board. But it fell a little short of the performance of Windows PCs built for graphics-intensive work.

Then came the M1 Pro and the Max-capable 2021 MacBook Pro. It was powerful, efficient, and capable of handling any graphics-intensive task thrown at it.

But it couldn’t provide the desktop feel that most video editors or design studios are looking for.

To address this problem, Apple announced its new iMac range, which was very powerful and compact on the desktop. But it wasn’t as portable as the MacBook Pro or Mac Mini.

Somewhere between those three there was room for a new Mac; Something powerful enough to replace a studio desktop and also portable enough like a laptop.

Apple released Mac Studio, a portable desktop PC that connects to any display in the home, office, or studio.

At first glance, the design language clearly screams Mac Mini; more specifically, two Mac Minis stacked on top of each other.

While the basic variant is equipped with an already overpowered and efficient M1 Max SoC, the more expensive variant bridges two M1 Max to M1 Ultra, the best and most efficient Apple silicon to date.

The base variant with M1 Max includes a 10-core CPU with 24- or 32-core GPU, and the Mac Studio equipped with M1 Ultra has a 20-core CPU with 48- or 64-core GPU.

Like the CPU and GPU cores, unified memory, bandwidth and neural engines are doubled on the M1 Ultra variant.

A unified storage of 32 or 64GB on the M1 Max doubles to 64 or 128GB on the M1 Ultra variant, while bandwidth doubles from 400GB/s to 800GB/s. The number of neural engines also doubles from M1 Max to 32 from 16.

In terms of size and design, Mac Studio actually feels like the Pro version of a Mac Mini. Some people even call it the Mac Mini Pro.

However, in terms of performance, it is comparable to Apple’s most expensive Mac, the cheese grater Mac Pro.

In some cases, the Mac Studio even beats the more expensive 28-core Mac Pro.

he new Mac Studio is more efficient in terms of power consumption. Compared to conventional Windows-based PCs, it can save up to 1,000 kilowatt hours of energy every year.

Since Apple has geared this Mac towards the industry-leading professionals, Apple hasn’t sacrificed I/O when it comes to connectivity. Both the M1 Max and M1 Ultra-powered Mac Studio have four Thunderbolt 4 ports, a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port, a power plug, two USB-A ports, an HDMI 2.0 port and a supported 3, 5mm high impedance headphone jack.

To everyone’s surprise, and to accommodate professionals and studio workers alike, Apple also included front I/O.

On the M1 Max base variant, Apple added 2 USB-C ports and an SD card slot on the front. For the M1 Ultra device, the USB-C ports have been downgraded to Thunderbolt 4 ports to support faster data transfer.

Another difference between these two versions is the cooling. The M1 Max variant uses an aluminum heatsink, while the Ultra variant has more efficient heat conduction and a heavier copper body, adding extra weight to the latter.

However, like any other Mac, Mac Studio is not ideal for gaming. The audio situation is standard output for such a compact and portable PC.

This portability comes with the need for an additional display, making it less portable. The consumer base for this Mac is developers who want to take their projects home from office desktops or vice versa.

The Mac Studio can be used with any display that has an HDMI port. While Apple recommends its newly announced Studio Display with the Mac Studio, it can even be used with the old VGA port displays of the early 2000s with the help of a simple converter.

With the help of optimized and dedicated media engines, the new M1 Max and Ultra-capable Mac Studio cuts export times by half compared to older Macs, and GPU support is comparable to the unanimously acclaimed RTX 3090.

This combination of efficient Apple silicon, powerful hardware, Apple’s optimized software and a portable form factor makes Mac Studio a portable PC that offers a true desktop experience.

Who is this Mac Studio for?

Mac Studio is perfect for small to medium-sized studios or independent professional creators creating audio, photo, video, or other visual content with GPU-intensive editing tools.

However, for personal use, the M1 Pro and 2021 Max-powered MacBook Pro would be better choices.

Purchase of Mac Studio in Bangladesh

Mac Studio is available nationwide through independent importers and retailers such as MC Solution BD, iStock BD, Custom Mac BD, etc. The price of the basic variant with M1 Max starts at 220,000 Tk.

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