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The capital of South Korea is a dynamic and exciting place full of cutting-edge technology. I’ve never been to Seoul, but if there’s such a thing as these new true wireless earbuds from Swedish lifestyle audio brand Urbanista, I might like it there.

Urbanista has consistently named its earphones after some of the biggest cities in the world. This time it’s the turn of the South Korean capital Seoul. These true wireless gaming earphones have a special low latency feature to play games and watch movies without losing sync between video and audio signals.

Like all Urbanista products, the Seoul earbuds are beautifully designed. Their small oval charging case has four LEDs on the front that indicate when the earbuds are charging and how much battery power is left. The Urbanista Seoul were deliberately designed for gamers on the go, with a slim and compact size, only 70ms low latency and excellent audio quality. And while they’re designed for gamers, they sound great with music.

Reflecting Urbanista’s minimalistic Scandi design, the Seoul earphones come in four stylish colors: Midnight Black, Electric Blue, Vivid Purple and Pearl White. According to Urbanista, Seoul’s high-tech lifestyle inspired the colors.

With support for SBC and AAC codecs, these Bluetooth earphones are great for Android and iOS users. The earphones were designed by legendary former Sennheiser headphone engineer Alex Grell. And it shows. The Urbanista Seoul are among the best earbuds under $100 I’ve heard in a long time. With up to eight hours of play plus three more full charges in the storage case, the Seoul has enough stamina for a week’s commute.

The Urbanista Seoul companion smartphone app is available for iOS and Android devices. The app instantly displays the remaining battery power and can be used to customize Seoul’s touch controls to the user’s preferences, including switching between game and music modes. The app also shows the remaining battery charge on board, EQ settings for different music genres and a way to install any firmware updates.

Seoul’s in-ear design is wonderfully comfortable, and the earbuds feel secure when worn. Included in the box is a selection of different sized silicone tips for the best possible fit. Users can switch between game and music mode with a tap of the touch controls, making it easier to get in and out of game mode.

The sound from these cute little earbuds is simply stunning. I’ve never heard such big and rich sound from such an affordable pair of earbuds before. They’re a compelling listening experience, with sound supported by powerful bass, great midrange and detailed highs. The result is incredible sound when gaming or watching a movie, and they can bring music to life with a compelling soundstage.

Axel Grell, the designer of the Seoul earphones, said of the signature Urbanista sound: “Detail is at the heart of the soundstage for Urbanista Seoul. The detection of small movements and noises makes your game feel alive and makes the difference between winning and losing. At Urbanista Seoul, the crystal clear and transparent sound is designed to get your head in the game.”

Verdict: If you love games and music, these great little earphones from the Swedish lifestyle audio brand are the ideal solution. The Urbanista Seoul have superb sound that you wouldn’t expect from such an affordable pair of true wireless earbuds. Great for gaming and watching movies, the low-latency mode ensures the picture and sound are always in sync. Battery life is fantastic, while the overall design is incredibly appealing. The only thing missing is active noise cancellation, but if you don’t need that, the Urbanista Seoul are hard to beat. Highly recommended.

Prices & Availability: Urbanista Seoul true wireless earbuds are shipping now at cost price £89.90 / €89.90 / $89.90

More info: www.urbanista.com/seoul


  • 70 ms latency mode.
  • Noise canceling microphone.
  • 8 hours playing time.
  • 32 hours total playing time.
  • The wireless charging case holds up to three charges
  • Charging via USB Type-C.
  • touch control.
  • IPX4 waterproof protection.
  • Siri and Google Voice Assistant.
  • Three different sizes of silicone tips included.

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