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McClanahan vs. Kershaw: Guide to All-Star Game Starters originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Midsummer Classic is hours away in Los Angeles, and this year’s All-Star Game pits two powerful left-handers against each other.

Tampa Bay Rays ace Shane McClanahan shoots the rubber for the American League, while three-time Cy Young winner and Los Angeles Dodger great Clayton Kershaw will take the mound for the National League — in front of his home crowd at Dodger Stadium.

The matchup promises to be a showcase between youth and experience as McClanahan makes his All-Star debut in 2022. On the opposing dugout, Kershaw is the picture of an all-star veteran by every measure, as this year is his ninth appearance with the team in The Midsummer Classic.

Kershaw’s credentials speak for themselves: he is a World Series Champion and former National League MVP (2014) who has led the NL to three wins and the ERA five times. He has three times the most strikeouts in the NL in his career (2011, 2013, 2015).

McClanahan’s resume is a bit sparse. His greatest claim to fame to date is to be the first pitcher in Major League Baseball history to make his postseason debut. He was only the fifth player overall to receive this award.

Here’s everything else you need to know about the American League starter:

How old is Shane McClanahan?

McClanahan is 25 years old. He throws to the left and punches to the left. He has 288 career strikeouts in less than two MLB seasons.

Is Shane McClanahan the youngest starter in All-Star Game history?

You’d think the Rays ace would be fighting for that title, but he’s actually five years too old.

Jerry Walker is the youngest pitcher to be named an All-Star Game starter. He was 20 years and 172 days old when he started for the American League in 1959.

Fernando Valenzuela holds the award for the youngest starter in NL history. He was 20 years and 281 days old when he competed in the 1981 All Star Game.

Dwight Gooden is the third youngest pitcher to be named an All-Star Game starter. He was selected to start for the National League in 1986 at the age of 21.

What is Shane McClanahan’s salary?

McClanahan may not have the distinction of being the youngest starter in All-Star Game history, but he certainly has claim to the “best bargain starter” in Midsummer Classic history.

The Rays are currently paying their ace $711,400 for the 2022 season.

How many strikeouts does Shane McClanahan have right now?

McClanahan has 147 strikeouts for the 2022 MLB All-Star Game.

Tampa’s ace also holds a Sterling 1.71 ERA and .80 WHIP – leading in both categories in Major League Baseball for the first half of the season.

Who will lead MLB in strikeouts in 2022?

Chicago White Sox pitcher Dylan Cease leads the league with 150 strikes outs – three more than McLanahan en route to the all-star break. McLanahan is level on points with New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole in second place.

McClanahan may have the more impressive stats than his National League counterpart in 2022, but Clayton Kershaw is certainly no slouch. Here’s everything you need to know about tonight’s National League starting pitcher:

How old is Clayton Kershaw?

Clayton Kershaw is 34 years old. The 6-foot-4 leftist will turn 35 if and when he goes into his 15th MLB season in 2023.

What is Clayton Kershaw’s P/L like?

Kershaw owns a career record of 192-86. Kershaw has 172 more career wins than its AL counterpart as of Tuesday night.

What is Clayton Kershaw’s salary?

The three-time Cy Young winner is making $17 million in 2022 after signing a one-year deal to remain in Dodger Blue this season.

Kershaw is starting 2023 as an unrestricted free agent.

Where is Clayton Kershaw on the all-time strikeout list?

Kershaw’s 2,745 career strikeouts ranks 26th on Major League Baseball’s all-time strikeout list.

Kershaw broke the Dodgers’ franchise record for strikeouts in 2022, passing Don Sutton on April 30 with 2,697 strikeouts.

Did Clayton Kershaw play a perfect game?

Kershaw hasn’t thrown a truly perfect game, but the 33-year-old pitcher is aging like a fine wine — he’s carrying not one, but two perfect games into the eighth inning in 2022. It’s the first time a pitcher has done so since 1961 has in a single season.

Kershaw completed a no-hitter on June 18, 2014.

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