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Email is an unfortunate necessity of everyday life in the digital space, and Google’s Gmail suite is one of the most popular email services. I bet you are not getting the most out of your Gmail experience as there are tons of different tips and tricks that will make your digital life a lot easier. We’re going to go through some of the most common and less common tricks and tips so you can apply what’s best for you.


Seeing everything in your inbox as a whole can be a little daunting for some people. So, Gmail has a categorization system that conveniently organizes specific emails into folders. But did you know that you can customize these settings to your liking?

Add or remove category tabs

  • Open Gmail in your browser.
  • Click Settings in the top right, then click View All Settings.
  • Switch to the Inbox tab.
  • From the Inbox Type drop-down menu, choose Default.
  • Choose a different inbox type to make all tabs invisible.
  • Check the boxes next to the tabs you want to show in the Categories section.
  • When you get to the bottom, click Save Changes.

You will only receive notifications for emails in your primary category if you have notifications turned on.

Moving emails to a new category

  • Just drag an email to a new category.
  • When you do this, you’ll be asked if you want to move all those emails to the category from now on.
  • Press yes if you agree.

Action bundling

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Sometimes things end up in places we don’t want them to be. Gmail moves promotional content to its own category, but if you wish to opt out, you can do so

  • Go to Settings Show all settings.
  • Click Inbox Uncheck “Enable bundling of top promotional emails into promotions”.

change your theme

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You can customize how Gmail works through the theme pane. You can choose from the different themes available in the theme shop or you can upload your own images.

  • Click Settings in the top right, then click View All Settings.
  • Next to Themes, click See All.
  • Select your topic from the topic window.
    • Default to use the default theme.
    • Dark to use dark mode.
    • each design for a pre-uploaded design
  • Press save when you are happy with the results

Set a photo as the background

Image source: Gmail

Make sure you have saved your photos to Google Photos before proceeding.

  • Open Gmail in your browser.
  • Click Settings in the top right, then click View All Settings.
  • Next to Themes, click See All.
  • Click My Photos in the bottom left.
  • Select a photo by clicking Featured, My Photos, or Recently Picked.
  • Try a larger photo if your image appears blurry.
  • Click Select in the lower left.
  • Press save.

Search in Gmail


  • When you’re in Gmail, you’ll see a search bar at the top of your screen.
  • Just type what you want to search for in the box
  • Press enter.


If you need something more granular, you have the option to get a little more specific.

Here are some examples of things to look for:

  • Label: Look up everything contained in a label you generate.
  • Out of: Check if correspondence was sent from a specific email address.
  • To: Look up everything you send to a specific email address.
  • Appendix: Look for anything that has an attachment or a specific type of file, e.g. B. PDF, Google Doc or Google Sheet.
  • Date: Search for correspondence from a specific date or range of dates.
  • Unread: Look up anything that currently has an unread status.
  • Extinguish: To clear your search history, you can do this by going to your search bar and seeing your recent searches. Press X next to the results you want to delete.

  • In Gmail, scroll down on the left and click More.
  • Click Create New Label.
  • Choose a label name.
  • Press Create.

Edit labels

  • Navigate to the label’s name on the left side of the page.
  • Click More
  • You can then edit your label.

Delete Labels

  • Go to the left side of the page again and hover over the label name.
  • Click More
  • Then remove label.

  • Click Compose.
  • Click Confidential Mode at the bottom right of the window to enable it
  • Set a passcode and expiration date. The email body and any attachments are affected by these options.
  • Users using the Gmail app can access it immediately by selecting “No SMS password”.
  • Someone who doesn’t use Gmail will receive an email with a passcode.
  • Recipients will receive a code via SMS if you select SMS Passcode.
  • Do not enter your personal phone number; Enter the recipient’s instead.
  • Press save.

To edit an email that has already been placed in confidential mode, go to the bottom of the email and click Edit.

undo emails

One of Gmail’s smartest features is its ability to retrieve some messages after a short while if you decide not to send them.

  • Send your email as usual,
  • You will be asked if you want to undo the operation.
  • Press the undo button to undo the sending of your email.

Customize cancel timer

  • Go to the Settings menu and
  • Press View All Settings.
  • On the General tab, look for the Undo Send feature.
  • Choose a different notice period and click Save Changes.

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