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If you’re an avid Twitter user, you might find some useful features in Twitter Blue. In this way, the company offers its users more useful and fun features for those who subscribe to it. However, many people do not know what Twitter Blue subscription is, so this article explains everything you need to know about this service.

What is TwitterBlue?

Twitter Blue is a subscription service that grants you some additional features. These features include different ways to view and interact with your posts, as well as early access to new and experimental features coming to the platform. It’s basically like Twitter+.

Over time, you’ll see more features make their way to the subscription service so you can try them out before other users. That is one of the main advantages of this service.

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How much does this service cost?

If you want to buy Twitter Blue, the price is not bad. You pay a monthly fee of $2.99 ​​for the service.

Is there an annual price for Twitter Blue?

At the moment there is only one payment plan and that is the $2.99. Twitter currently has no plans to add an annual plan.

Will I still see ads on Twitter with the Blue subscription?

Yes. Even if you have the premium subscription, you will still see ads in your feed and in your comments.

Do I still have the 280 character limit with the subscription?

Yes. Twitter is currently working on a feature called Twitter Notes that will allow users to type longer posts. However, a subscription to Twitter Blue does not allow you to enter messages longer than 280 characters.

What features do you get with Twitter Blue?

There are a handful of fun features to enjoy with Twitter Blue. And as mentioned, more features will be added over time.

No ads when reading articles

We’re used to seeing ads all over our favorite publishing sites and it can be a nuisance. With Twitter Blue, you can read articles on these popular sites and not worry about seeing ads.

Just be aware that subscribing to Twitter Blue will not knock over any paywalls that you will see on the publication pages. You must continue to pay for the subscription of the particular site that requires it.

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top article

If you enjoy reading the latest news articles, you will love this feature. With a Twitter Blue subscription, you get the Top Articles tab. This way you can see all the latest articles from the people you follow.

Long threads in read mode

With a subscription, you can read long threads without interruptions. Instead of having to select each entry in the thread and avoid the comments, you can read the thread like a regular page of text.

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It helps make it easier when reading a long tweet thread. You can toggle the feature on and off if you like.

undo a tweet

Often we immediately regret having sent a tweet. This could either be because we said something we didn’t mean, we wanted to change what we typed, or we made a typo in the tweet. If you’re a Twitter Blue user, you can undo a tweet you just sent.

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When you send a tweet, you have 60 seconds to review and undo your tweet if necessary. Once this 60-second window has expired, you will no longer be able to make any changes to the tweet. You must delete and repost it.

Added adjustments

Twitter Blue also lets you change the look of your interface. There are several ways you can do this. First of all, you can organize your bookmark better. The subscription gives you the option to store your bookmarks in folders.

If you’re using the Twitter app for Android or iOS, you can add your favorite pages right to your tab bar. This way you can customize it and adapt it to your taste.

This next one is also for people using the app. If you are a subscriber, you have access to various app icons that appear on your phone’s home screen. This is for when you want to change things up visually on your phone.

Next, there is a feature exclusive to iPhone users. There is a feature that allows you to customize the app’s design. We’re used to the blue theme that’s all over Twitter. However, you can choose your own accent color.

What upcoming features will I have access to?

Twitter is currently testing some features on its Blue users. This means you can try out experimental features that may never reach the public.

Longer video uploads

The first feature is the ability to upload longer videos. Twitter has a limit on the length of your videos. Without a subscription, you can upload videos up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds. That’s a lot longer than the 45 seconds we had before, but still pretty short.

With a Twitter Blue subscription, you can try uploading videos up to 10 minutes long. That’s more than four times the length.

1080p video uploads

Currently, Twitter doesn’t allow uploading videos in 1080p quality. It’s been a nuisance among users for a while, but Twitter Blue users will be able to test that out too.

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edit tweets

At the time of writing this feature, this feature is not available for Twitter Blue users. Eventually, however, it will come. This is a highly requested feature that has been leaked frequently in recent months.

If you are a Twitter Blue user, you can test the ability to edit tweets in front of other users. After you’ve posted a tweet, you have 60 minutes to go in and make any changes you think are necessary.

After you edit a tweet, users will see that it has been edited. Not only that, but it also gives users a link to the original tweet so they can see what you originally said.

If you try to get Twitter Blueyou can sign up for it today.

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