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β˜• Good morning, readers. Welcome to another successful Thursday newsletter from Android authority. Today I’m getting ready for my interview with the folks at Glance, that lock screen app that was in the news last week. They want to convince me that lock screen content (with ads) is good, but I have other thoughts. Anyway, here’s what’s making news today.

Pixel 6a coming: Still a good time to buy the Pixel 5a?

the google pixel 5a on a piece of cement showing its backside in mostly black color with a camera nearby

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

My friend and colleague Andrew Grush got his Pixel 5a out over a month ago to see if it’s still a good buy a year later. The Pixel 6a will go on sale soon, pre-orders open from today, and some of you might be wondering if it’s a good time to grab a discounted Pixel 5a. Well look no further because we have the answer.

What’s good after a year

  • Some of you might disagree with Grush, but the Pixel 5a’s design is more subtle than the flashy Pixel 6 or 6a. It has a silky smooth metal back that won’t draw eyeballs and is perfect for the everyday user who doesn’t crave attention.
  • The display is still solid for a mid-range phone. If you want big and bright, the 5a has your back, although it sticks to a 60Hz display.
  • One thing I really like about the Pixel 5a, and Grush does too, is that it includes a 3.5mm headphone jack. That’s hard to find these days, no matter what brand of phone you’re considering. Do you have wired headphones or buds? Pop them right in there.
  • Grush notes that Google didn’t skimp on extras with the 5a. For example, the phone has the same IP67 rating as the newer Pixel 6a.
  • Who would have thought that the phone’s battery would still last well a year later? The phone’s 4,680 mAh battery, which by the way is larger than most flagships on the market, still easily delivers a day and a half of usage with heavy use.
  • With that in mind, here are the best phones you can get if battery life is your priority.
  • Google has promised three years of OS updates for the device so it will still bring the latest software and will be enough for a while. Grush says the company has also ironed out most of the bugs that users reported early on.

What’s not good

  • Well, if you’re a photography fan, you might feel like the Pixel 5a’s camera is dated. It’s not the best camera phone out there, but Grush says it’s holding up well.
  • The processor of the 5a also shows its age. Remember that Google updated the Pixel 6a to its new Tensor chip. The Snapdragon 765G isn’t quite a match, and you’ll notice minor performance issues when using advanced apps.
  • Fast charging isn’t particularly fast. It takes two hours to go from zero to 100%. Well, that’s a problem for those of us with fast-paced lives.
  • That reminds me we have a great article on how to get the most out of your phone’s battery. It can be helpful if you are unhappy with your handset’s battery life.

The judgment

  • Grush hardly felt any difference between using the Pixel 6 and Pixel 5a.
  • You may have noticed that almost all of Grush’s “not so good” points weren’t so bad after all.
  • He recommends that if you have the phone, you can keep it for at least a year.
  • If you’re upgrading, it’s probably wise to wait for the Pixel 6a or shell out an extra $150 for the Pixel 6.
  • In the meantime, a discounted Pixel 5a is still worth considering, with all the goodness it retains a year after launch.


πŸ“± Launch season is back! The OnePlus 10T is coming in early August, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 (Android authority).

πŸ’² Speaking of Samsung’s foldable phones, if you’ve ever wondered if the Flip is selling more or less than the Fold, here’s your answer (Android authority).

Hyundai Supernal cabin concept
  • Hyundai Motor Group unveiled this fascinating eVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) cabin concept at the 2022 Farnborough Air Show.
  • The five-seat cabin concept for the lightweight eVTOL features a forged carbon fiber and vegan leather interior.
  • There are wireless charging pads next to each seat, a main passenger information display up front, soothing lights at the top, and UV and infrared blocking windows on the sides.
  • My personal favorite are the integrated mobile phone holders in the backrest. Why don’t we already have them on regular planes!
  • Hyundai’s Urban Air Mobility division, Supernal, plans to certify its eVTOL vehicle for commercial use in the United States beginning in 2028.
  • Check out the full video of the cabin concept here and how they actually built the thing here.

I hope your spirits rise today!

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