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A look back at another week of news and headlines from Cupertino: This week’s Apple Loop includes the iPhone 14 price shock, iPhone 14 Pro supply issues, the latest MacBook Air issues, Mac Pro ignores M1, Apple updates all software, Keyboard class action progress and a USB-C mode for your AirPods.

Apple Loop is here to remind you of some of the very large amount of discussion that has taken place around Apple over the past seven days (and you can read my weekly roundup of Android news here on Forbes).

Get ready for an expensive iPhone 14

Apple loyalists braced themselves for a price hike on the iPhone 14 family, and this week saw more details on the impact of the economy on iPhone production:

“We believe the iPhone 14 is going to have a $100 price increase,” Ives said. “Prices have increased throughout the supply chain and Cupertino must pass those costs on to consumers in this release.”

(The Sun via Forbes)

iPhone 14 faced with supply problems

One of the other issues raised by the strained supply chain is the availability of the iPhone 14. Projected inventory levels have been moving up and down for a while, and more analysts are now coming to reduced availability at launch. If you are looking for a new iOS smartphone, you have to be quick!

At the time, Kuo added that “Apple typically doesn’t significantly change new iPhone shipment forecasts (double-digit rise/fall) before launching new models and confirming actual market demand/feedback.” Now Kuo is following the same line, saying there is a supply issue, but it will have “a limited impact on the upcoming mass production of the iPhone 14 because other suppliers can fill the supply gap”.


Performance issues with MacBook Air

You may recall that the M2-powered MacBook Pro experienced throttling and overheating issues when asked to work on intense tasks compared to the M1 MacBook Pro. If the MacBook Air also runs with the M2, would it also be hampered by the same issue?

“Unfortunately, the M2 MacBook Air suffers from the same issue – perhaps unsurprising given that it runs on the same M2 chipset. What’s surprising is that Apple has put itself in the situation where the new machine – a machine that could focus on the consumer but is being advertised as having the power to do what you need to do – has less potential for hard work than its predecessor.”


An extreme option for the Mac Pro

At the other end of the portfolio, the Mac Pro remains the only Mac system that hasn’t yet transitioned from Intel to the ARM-based Apple Silicon. With the M2 chips now launched, will Apple skip an M1 Mac Pro and jump straight to the M2? Mark Gurman reports that it’s not just M2, it’s the M2 Extreme:

According to Gurman, users can reportedly configure the new ‘Mac Pro’ with ‘M2’ Ultra and ‘M2’ Extreme chip options, with a 64-core GPU, along with a 32-core Neural Engine. The “M2″ Extreme, which sits above the Ultra in the chip lineup, would presumably surpass those specs to become Apple’s top-of-the-line silicon chip for maximum performance.”

(Turn on via MacRumors).

Software updates for everyone

Apple has released updates for the full range of its current hardware, most notably macOS Monterey 12.5, iOS 15.6, tvOS 15.6, HomePod 15.6, and WatchOS 8.7. There are no major additions as a number of software updates and security issues have been addressed, with the iPad fixes appearing to be the most important:

iOS 15.6 includes improvements, bug fixes and security updates; The TV app adds the option to restart and pause, rewind, or fast forward an already running live sports game; Addresses an issue where Settings may continue to show that device storage is full even when it is available; Addresses an issue that could cause braille devices to slow down or become unresponsive when navigating through text in Mail; Fixes an issue in Safari where a tab might return to a previous page.

(Apple Support).

keyboard accounting

The long-standing problems with Apple’s Butterfly Keyboard, its flaws, and Apple’s approach to repairs have led to a number of lawsuits. Reuters reports that one is running out”

Apple Inc (AAPL.O) agreed to pay $50 million to settle a class action lawsuit filed by customers who claim they knew and didn’t know that the “butterfly” keyboards on their MacBook laptops were error-prone. The proposed tentative settlement was filed late Monday night in federal court in San Jose, California, and is subject to a judge’s approval.

“Apple denied wrongdoing when it agreed to a settlement. It didn’t respond immediately [to Reuters] to requests for comments.”


And finally…

Want to charge your AirPods directly via USB-C without those weird lightning connector changers? Apple model Ken Pillonel is back to help once again. Following its iPhone physical tweak, they have all the guides you need to convert your own AirPods… although I suspect Apple will void your warranty if you attempt this:

“While Pillonel states that you can swap AirPods’ battery from here, he takes it a step further by ripping out the proprietary Lightning connector for USB-C. The end result is a pair of AirPods that you can use with any legacy USB C-cable lying around your house… Just like his open-source USB-C iPhone project, Pillonel also made the schematics for both AirPods cases and the USB-C circuit board, downloaded from GitHub can.”

(The edge).

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