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A good reason to install the Ebay app on your phone. Source: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/1598190

Most people have become accustomed to living in a state of constant tension and stress, largely due to a lack of time to devote to themselves and their passions. It’s a kind of silent frustration that affects our job performance, our mood, and more generally every practical aspect of our lives. Many people, aware of the existence of the problem, strive to find a practical way to make significant improvements in their lives, perhaps by purchasing reference books or taking online courses focused on self-improvement . Most of them achieve little, and each failure seems to drive them to look for other equally useless methods of trying to change their lives, to make them more worth living and more complete. There are also many people who, more or less consciously, choose to ignore the problem of lack of time and bury it under the tide of personal and social commitments that shape their everyday lives. These are the same people who, at a certain point in their lives, suddenly seem to realize that something is wrong and that the balance they thought they had achieved is far from satisfactory. Since the problem is not clearly identified, seeking possible solutions in such cases includes unlikely trips abroad, enrolling in an internship focused on personal well-being, or a sudden change in one of the outward aspects of one’s existence, such as appearance or Haircut, hoping that the change in the status quo will somehow upset one’s life, even if it’s a minor change.

A simple solution

The good news is that the solution is at hand and accessible to everyone. For several years we have become accustomed to carrying around a small electronic device that emits light signals, that vibrates every now and then in our pocket and that often, even in the most inconvenient places, starts trilling at will, sometimes several for a while minutes at a time. It may sound paradoxical, but the potential of our mobile phones is still grossly underestimated. Millions of people carry it with them simply as an image thing, to show the world (but also themselves) that they own the latest model of a particular brand, and to openly flaunt it even when its use isn’t necessary. Others just use it as a replacement for the TV, even on trains or public transport to watch their favorite shows. Not only are they all wasting countless amounts of useful time, they are also blatantly using their cell phones in totally inappropriate and unproductive ways.

Transform the quality of your time

Time-sensitive people need to learn how to use their phone in the way that suits them perfectly by exploring the thousands of possibilities offered by the apps and other features packed into smartphones. An application to try out immediately is Ebay: With just a few simple steps, you can use Ebay (and thus indirectly your mobile phone) immediately to sell items you no longer need, earn money and thus free up space in your Ebay at home and indirectly lower your cost of living. This application is also an excellent incentive to start a side business alongside your main job, a new business that you can manage from the comfort of your own home by running a few ads and constantly monitoring your clientele. In one fell swoop, you’ve found a solution that will help you optimize your time while giving you the power to pursue new hobbies and have fun anytime, anywhere.

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The solution to our everyday problems is not far away. Sometimes it is so close that it can even be found in our pockets.

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