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The Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) market report in question is a detailed gist of this industry and encompasses myriad details pertaining to some of the vital ongoing and future trends of this market. Also included in the research document are details about the Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) market size, share, as well as the present remuneration. The study projects that the Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) market would procure substantial returns by the end of the forecast timeframe while recording a modest annual growth rate over the expected duration. The Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) market summary also claims that the growth rate which the industry is expected to register will be propelled by specific

The business intelligence report on Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) market offers crucial information pertaining to several elements that are formulating industry growth trajectory between 2022 and 2029, in terms of top contenders and geographical scope. In addition, the study elaborates on the present and upcoming challenges that may intensify the gap between the profit margins of the marketplace over the forecast duration. In addition, a thorough account of the changes in the economic environment since the inception of the COVID -19 pandemic is encompassed in the document.

COVID-19 impact assessment:

  • An overview of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the global economy.
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the market since its outbreak.
  • An assessment of the key barriers to market revenue in light of the evolving times.

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An overview of the regional landscape:

  • The regional scope of the mobile value-added services (MVAS) market is the United States
  • Europe (Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland)
  • China
  • Japan
  • India
  • A comprehensive assessment of the evolving market landscape in terms of growth prospects is explained in the business manual.
  • Data on consumption statistics, revenue share for each geographical border.

Other Highlights of the Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) Market Report:

  • The product landscape of the market for mobile value-added services (MVAS) is fragmented
    • short message service
    • Multimedia news service
    • Location-Based Services
    • Mobile email and IM
    • mobile money
    • Mobile advertising and mobile infotainment


  • The report includes past and future estimates in terms of the current value and volume of each product type.
  • The scope of Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) is categorized into
  • It integrates a brief analysis of the size and value of each application type that is documented.
  • The competitive landscape of the Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) market includes an in-depth analysis of leading players such as
    • On the phone
    • Apple
    • Comviva Technologies
    • Google
    • Vodafone
    • Alibaba Group Holdings Limited
    • AT&T
    • KongZhong
    • comverse
    • Gemalto NV
    • One97 Communication and InMobi


  • Important information related to business profiles, financial condition and R&D activities of all industry players are included in the document.
  • The report provides a detailed analysis of “Market Entry Strategy”, highlighting key points such as product/service offerings, consumer base, and expansion opportunities.

Frequently asked Questions –

  • How will the Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) market develop in the period 2022-2029?
  • Which are the key regions analyzed in the Mobile Value-Added Services (MVAS) market document?
  • What Types of Products are Discussed in the Mobile Value-Added Services (MVAS) Market Report?
  • What Application Spectrum Variations are Highlighted in the Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) Market Report?

Key insights this study will provide:

  • 360-degree Mobile Value-Added Services (MVAS) market overview based on global and regional perspectives
  • Market Share and Revenue by Top Players and Emerging Regions
  • Competitors – This section studies various major industry players in relation to their company profile, product portfolio, capacity, price, cost and revenue.
  • Separate chapter on Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) market entropy to gain visions for market aggression from market leaders [Acquisitions/Recent Investments and Major Developments]

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