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Indian wearables company boAt has launched another affordable smartwatch in the country. It’s called boAt Wave Call and it’s available on Amazon for Rs. 1,999. The smartwatch has a large display, supports fitness tracking functions and also offers Bluetooth calls. But how does it actually feel to wear the smartwatch? it is better than the competition in its segment? let’s find out

Built quality

Although the boAt Wave Call has a large display, it is very compact and handy. The textured metal casing around the screen feels sturdy and makes the smartwatch durable. On top of the display, users get a layer of curved glass that gives the device a premium touch. The back of the smartwatch is made of textured plastic and has the optical sensors (protected by a plastic sticker) in the middle.

Since the smartwatch weighs 46g, it feels comfortable for many hours, which is suitable for college users or professionals who can buy the device. Strap quality is decent – users get a free loop to slide the extra strap after wearing the watch. Users can even take the smartwatch to gym workouts or outdoor running as it has IP68 rating. In addition, the processing quality of the smartwatch justifies its price.


The BoAt Wave Call features a 1.69-inch rectangular HD LCD with equal bezels on three sides and a chin on the bottom. The display quality of the smartwatch is above average because the colors produced are strong. Thanks to the peak brightness of 550 nits, the display is clearly visible in most outdoor situations. Under indoor conditions, the display is readable even at minimum brightness.
The display of the smartwatch does not shy away from bright sunny days. Even if users may need to increase the brightness, the display is easy to read even in direct sunlight. To adjust the brightness, users need to swipe down from the home screen, tap the sun-shaped icon, and adjust the slider.

Boat wave call display

user interface

To wake up the smartwatch, users need to press the side button. Just like smartphones, users can access quick controls like exercise start, brightness, sleep mode and call connection by swiping down on the home screen. By swiping up on the home screen, users can scroll through multiple menus, e.g. B. the sports menu that shows the number of steps taken and calories burned, the heart rate, sleep and weather widgets and the dedicated dialer.

By swiping right from the home screen, users can access all their smartphone notifications. Notifications appear as tiles with an app icon on the left and a title on the right. To expand the notifications, users can tap on it. For example, if you tap the Missed Call tile, the contact number is displayed. When you tap a WhatsApp tile or a message tile, the entire message is displayed. However, users do not get the quick replies feature or cannot reply to the messages. Nevertheless, most smartwatches in this price segment do not have this feature.

Swiping left on the home screen opens a list menu containing shortcuts to measure heart rate and SpO2, view sleep statistics, enable sport mode, and enable camera controls. This menu also gives users features like stopwatch, timer, screen timeout, watch face settings, and wake-up call. To return to the last menu, swipe from the left corner of the display or press the crown button to go back.

BoAt Wave Call UI

Fitness-related features

The boAt Wave Call has several fitness-related features such as heart rate and SpO2 tracking, as well as sleep monitoring. Let’s start with the better aspects of the device. When comparing the heart rate measured by the smartwatch and blood oxygen levels using an oximeter, the results were acceptable, with a three to five point difference in heart rate and an occasional one point difference in blood oxygen levels, which is good.

The smartwatch is reasonably accurate when tracking steps, but the results could be more consistent. When compared to other smartwatches in this segment, like the Maxima Max Pro Turbo and a mid-range smartwatch called the Galaxy Watch Active 2, the results could be better. When testing the smartwatch multiple times, it showed about 20-30% fewer steps than others. Apart from that, the smartwatch has several sports modes that can track activity-specific data. Sport mode includes walking, running, cycling and more.

BoAt Wave Call sport modes

call quality

The boAt Wave Call supports Bluetooth calls and has a separate menu that allows users to dial a number, call a saved number or check the call log. Answering a call on the boAt Smartwatch is very easy. Users just need to press the green answer button when the smartwatch is ringing. During the call, users can adjust the volume and end the call. Wave Call’s speakers are loud enough that users can hear what the other person is saying even outdoors.

The microphone quality is also good; Although the receivers could hear background noise, the speaker’s voice was loud and clear and could be heard over the noise. To accept or reject calls, the smartwatch must be connected to the phone’s Bluetooth and via the boAt Wearables app. The only downside here is that adding favorite contacts to the watch is very tedious as there is no search bar in the app. For example, if someone wanted to add a contact whose name starts with “S”, they would have to scroll to the bottom of their contact list and add it manually.

BOAT Wave Call Smartwatch Bluetooth call function

Battery life and charging

The boAt Wave Call comes with a 220mAh battery which is said to last up to seven days with regular to moderate use and up to two days for Bluetooth calls. Additionally, it comes with a proprietary magnetic charger in the box that sticks to the back of the watch and charges it in two to three hours. The smartwatch lasted about a day and a half while using Bluetooth calling, along with manually measuring heart rate and SpO2 levels.

boAt wearables app

Smartwatch buyers must download the boAt Wearables app from the Google Play Store (Android 6.0 and above) or Apple App Store (iOS 12.0 and above). The user-friendly application helps users check all their health-related metrics in one place. On the home screen, the app displays steps and the goal set by the user. Then there’s a tab titled “Analysis” that shows all the metrics like step count, calories, heart rate, blood oxygen and sleep. Users should go to the My Activity section when they want to view their activities or workouts. Overall, the application is well built and does the job decently.


The BoAt Wave Call will be available for Rs. 1,999,- a reasonable price considering the features and use cases of the smartwatch. It comes in three different colors including Active Black, Mauve and the Deep Blue color shown here. With a quick search on Amazon or Flipkart, customers will find that there are very few smartwatches under the Rs. 2,000 price tag that comes with Bluetooth calls. The competition has Bluetooth calling models but they are slightly more expensive like the Fire-Boltt Ring or Ninja Calling which is priced at Rs. 2,999 and Rs. 2,499 respectively

boAt Wave callback panel


For those looking for a Bluetooth smartwatch on a budget, the boAt Wave Call is the top choice. At Rs. 1,999, it’s an excellent combination of style and functionality. Since the device’s heart rate and SpO2 tracking are fairly accurate, those who want to monitor the stats can also opt for the device. The smartwatch was launched during Amazon Prime Day 2022 and is available for purchase on the platform.

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