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Apps are an integral part of smartphones, making them incredibly powerful devices. However, like any software, mobile apps are prone to bugs and glitches. Bad apps that keep crashing or freezing can quickly ruin your Android smartphone experience. If you encounter app problems, learn how to prevent apps from crashing or freezing.

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To prevent your Android apps from crashing, clear the app cache. Go to Settings > Storage > Other apps > (app name) and tap clear cache. There are many other troubleshooting steps you can try as well such as: For example, force quit the app, check for app and phone software updates, and check your internet connection and phone storage. You may need to clear app storage or factory reset the phone if nothing else works.


Why do my Android apps keep crashing?

Ankit Banerjee / Android Authority

There are a few reasons why your Android apps keep crashing, freezing, or failing to open. Your device may be out of storage or you may have lost your Wi-Fi or data connection. Apps will usually warn you when an app won’t load for these reasons, but it might just stop working or crash instead.

If you notice your apps and games crashing after prolonged use, it could be because the phone is overheating. Android phones tend to compensate for overheating by throttling performance, which can cause the app you are using to freeze or crash.

You may also see apps crashing or freezing after a recent software update for either the phone or the app. Frequent phone and app updates are great for keeping your phone running smoothly, but only if they work. Software updates are sometimes riddled with bugs that can cause apps to crash or freeze.

How to prevent apps from crashing

There are many troubleshooting steps when apps crash or freeze on your Android phone.

Check your internet connection

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Most apps require an active internet connection. Generally, when you open a disconnected app, you’ll see an “App not loading” or “Check your data connection” warning. However, the app may crash or freeze in some cases. Check your phone’s Wi-Fi and mobile data settings to make sure you’re connected. If you’re encountering other connection issues, check out our guides on possible fixes for not working Wi-Fi and not working mobile data.

Check your phone storage

Storage for Android settings

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After making sure you have an internet connection, make sure your phone has enough storage space to run the app. Apps will cache data to make them easier and faster to run and load in the future, and some game files can be quite large. Go to Settings > Storage to view the phone’s available storage space. You can also see a breakdown of files using storage. You can delete unnecessary files and apps to free up storage space. This should prevent apps that keep crashing from doing so.

Restart the phone

restart phone

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Have you tried turning it off and on again? Turn off your phone, let it cool down, turn it back on and see if the app issues persist. That’s all it takes sometimes, especially when your app crashes because the phone is overheating.

Force quit the app

You can try to force stop an app if it freezes or crashes. Go to Settings > Apps > Show all apps > (app name) and tap force stop. Restart the phone and restart the app to see if the forced stop helped.

Clear the app cache

Clearing the app cache is an important troubleshooting step when apps keep crashing or freezing on Android. Cached files are temporary files containing important information from the app stores to speed up the loading of an app. This can include login information, preferred playlists, and regular settings. However, cached files can get corrupted and cause the app to keep crashing or freezing.

To clear the app cache, go to Settings > Storage > Other apps > (app name) and tap clear cache. You can also find this option by going to Settings > Apps > Show all apps > (app name) > Storage.

Uninstall updates for preinstalled apps

If you encounter problems, you can undo an update for pre-installed apps such as Google apps. Go to Settings > Apps > Show all apps > (app name). Tap the three vertical dots icon in the top right and select Uninstall updates. Third party apps don’t have this overflow menu.

Check for software updates

Make sure the app and your phone are updated to the latest software version, especially if a previous update caused the apps to keep crashing and freezing. Check the Google Play Store for the latest app update. Go for your phone Settings > System > System updates.

clear camp

We are now entering the final stages of troubleshooting. Clearing app storage can help prevent apps from crashing when nothing else works. But this step essentially resets the app like a clean install. You will lose this data if you have not saved game files, linked the app to an account, or backed up information to the cloud.

To clear app storage, go to Settings > Storage > Other apps > (app name) and tap clear camp. You can also find the option by going to Settings > Apps > Show all apps > (app name) > Storage.

Uninstall and reinstall the app

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In some cases, uninstalling and reinstalling the app is sufficient. Find the app in the Google Play Store and tap Uninstall. As with the Clear Storage option, if the app is not associated with an account or cloud storage, your data will be lost.

Factory reset your phone

You should only factory reset your phone if absolutely nothing else works. Factory resetting the phone will erase everything. Be sure to back up your information and save any necessary files so you don’t lose anything important.

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