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Claire Brill is Marketing Director of Industry Beans – Australia’s fastest growing coffee company over the last five years with cafes all over the east coast along with brilliant The Espresso Club™ home coffee service, ready to drink and cold brew coffee concentrates and more!

So it’s safe to say that Clare is experienced in navigating all aspects of life as a busy business woman. Here are the top apps she uses every day and just can’t live without!


This app or any other password manager app is suitable for everyone.

Password security is no joke — and if you’re still using something like “Clairelovescoffee123” as your master password, it’s time to level it up. Keeper allows you to generate random, one-time passwords and store them in a secure vault that you can access on your browser or phone when you need it. Having unique passwords minimizes the damage in case you get hacked, and it’s also great for securely sharing passwords between families and work teams.


This app is the best social media for professionals.

I’m not a huge private social media user, but LinkedIn is a happy exception. Conveniently, I find it to be the quickest way to catch up on business news every morning and the best way to keep up with what’s new about your companies and colleagues. In addition, it is a real democratizer for recruitment and public relations. If you are aligning your career with a specific industry or goal, this is the best place to invest your energies in both engaging with the platform and creating personal content.

LinkedIn app

tick tock

This app is an absolute necessity for marketers and a beautiful window on social trends.

Tiktok has had such a huge impact on social media, and I would challenge any marketer who doesn’t spend time scrolling. It’s been fascinating to see which brands have jumped onto the platform and how far they’ve come, and has completely redefined how both brands and consumers interact with influencers. There are so many trends that a brand can capitalize on if they move fast enough – so you have to be there to capture them. From a personal point of view, I find the platform incredibly relaxing – the content is raw enough to make you feel comfortable and included, rather than like an outsider looking in. I even learned a thing or two about video editing and house cleaning and Pilates—and at the end of the day I’m always up for 10 seconds of golden retriever puppy content.

TikTok app

NYT crossword

This app is perfect for anyone who loves a good word puzzle.

I love word games and I LOVE the New York Times crossword. The app has a great interface for both phone and tablet, and the challenge builds up throughout the week – so you might finish the puzzle in 8 minutes on Monday, but (luckily) on Sunday you’ll throw in the towel at 1:45. In that way it’s quite a grounding routine throughout the week, and I think of it as a kind of meditation practice — one of the few times I can really unwind at the end of the evening. Plus, it’s one of those rare cases where the digital version is just as much fun as the analog one.

NYT crossword app


This app is perfect for anyone running out of time to shop.

This app isn’t glamorous, but it’s a lifesaver when things get hectic. After too many times coming home after a long day and staring at an empty fridge, I now get a set of basic groceries delivered each week on my special WFH day. I don’t like ordering food (when dining out I want the full experience!) so I never have to worry about having fresh ingredients on hand to make an omelette or fresh pasta and I do am happy also keeps my weekly food budget in check.


Microsoft Teams

This app, similar to Slack, is essential for anyone with a work team.

Our team works across multiple locations and on many competing projects, and the only thing that makes it all work is great communication. Open access to the contact base with anyone in the company that you need, along with systems and routines for sharing information and checking in with your team has been one of the best things we’ve gotten used to over the past two years. Plus, communicating through a chat interface linked to any work document or app used across the team is incredibly efficient. However, I make it a priority for everyone on the team to use the app’s “Quiet Times” feature to reinforce work separation at the end of the day – after all, there’s such a thing as too much connectivity.

Microsoft Teams

The Industry Beans app

This app is the best way to order your daily coffee!

Now I might be a bit biased, but I use this app every day to order my first coffee of the day. It has every coffee and option you could want, although mostly I just order a batch brew or flat white with the occasional croissant. It takes less than 10 seconds to place an order and my coffee is always ready in less than 5 minutes. In addition to the obvious convenience benefits, there are also some great loyalty benefits, with increasing discounts applied to every order as you progress through membership levels.

Industry Beans app

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