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How often do you use DuckDuckGo?

If you answered never, you might want to read this article.

Over the years, DuckDuckGo has redesigned and evolved to better serve searchers’ needs and protect their privacy.

In addition to its excellent search capabilities, DDG (DuckDuckGo) has many helpful features that can help you improve your search strategy while reducing the time it takes to complete research.

I’ve researched DDG and its value for digital marketers and SEO professionals.

Here’s everything you need to know about DDG, why marketers should consider it, and some fun facts about the search engine.

What is DuckDuckGo?

DDGo is a search engine that does not track users, which means it does not store any information about what websites you visit.

That means when you use DDG, nobody knows who you are, where you live, what you like to search, or what websites you’ve visited – creating a private search history.

Gabriel Weinberg founded the company and has been promoting his idea since 2008.

He started using Google for searching, but after seeing how much data Google collects, he decided to create a new, private search engine.

Marketers and SEO professionals can use DDG in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox with a built-in extension.

In addition, the search engine is now available as an app for iOS devices, Android phones and Windows 8 tablets.

Now let’s dive into why you should consider using DDG.

Why use DuckDuckGo?

With its unique search algorithms, DDG has become one of the most popular alternative search engines.

And while many people are familiar with the name, few understand what makes it stand out from the crowd.

DDG was designed from the ground up to be fast, private and secure.

The search engine only uses what it needs to deliver results, ie no tracking cookies or other unnecessary data collection.

This makes DDG one of the best privacy-focused search engines available today.

It lets you search anonymously while blocking trackers on websites you use.

DDG uses HTTPS encryption for all searches and does not store IP addresses.

While there are similarities that make DDG comparable to Google as a search engine, the main difference is that DDG doesn’t track you like Google does.

No matter how often you search, you won’t see ads based on your previous searches. Instead, you see sponsored links relevant to the current topic.

This isn’t just good news for privacy advocates — it’s great news for anyone looking for quality information online.

If you want to find something specific without being tracked, DDG is a great option.

If you want to find out how to integrate SEO for DDG, you can also check out this Search Engine Journal resource.

DDG allows you to block certain types of cookies, which means you can control whether third parties can track your web browsing history.

Access to this information can provide significant benefits, particularly with regard to marketing campaigns.

For example, they can target specific keywords based on the pages users visit, which means advertisers can reach potential customers faster than ever.

Now let’s dive into the helpful features that DDG offers.

Helpful search functions from DuckDuckGo

DDG has numerous features such as image search, location-based search, and voice search.

As I mentioned before, the main difference between Google and DDG is that DDG does not track users via cookies or any other method.

No data is sold to third parties either.

DDG aims to protect the people using its service.

The company has developed several features that allow it to identify potential threats without violating users’ privacy.

It also includes instructions on how to evaluate your add-ons so that you can safely remove all unofficial and potentially harmful add-ons.

Additionally, DDG has integrated with Apple Maps, allowing users to search for places privately.

Some features include Safe Search, Instant Answers, and Private Searches. These help DDG protect its users from malicious websites, scams and malware.

With Instant Answers, DDG uses over 100 different sources to provide answers to your questions without having to click through different websites to get results.

The !Bang syntax

A very cool feature of DDG is the !Bang syntax feature, which allows you to search a site directly from DDG without having to go to that site first.

Let’s say you want to search Pinterest for butter chicken recipes.

You can use DDG’s Pinterest link by typing [!p butter chicken recipes] into the search bar, and it takes you straight to the Pinterest results on that platform.

DDG has many other links to sites like Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn and Wikipedia.

To view all the shortcuts, type the exclamation mark in the search bar and they will appear.

Don’t worry – it’s easy to use and very useful for quick searches.

It takes time to navigate to a website to complete a search.

If you are using the DDG browser extension or have it as your browser’s default search engine, the !bang commands will also work in the address bar.

DDG has many other interesting features that you should try, such as: B. Category pages, keyboard shortcuts and autosuggest.

If you’re still not convinced about the search engine, check out these ten DDG facts that might help change your mind.

10 DuckDuckGo facts

1. DDG turned 14 years old in 2022

Google has become synonymous with internet searches. Despite being a relatively new search engine, DDG has been around for over a decade and is still growing at an incredible rate.

2. DDG reaches 100 million searches per day

It is now one of the top 10 search engines worldwide.

In addition, the search engine reached the milestone of 100 million daily searches in 2021.

3. Over 100 billion searches have been performed on DDG

In 2019, it broke a billion searches in a month — and in 2020, it broke 50 billion searches.

Over 100 billion searches have been performed on DDG due to its efficient and streamlined search capabilities.

4. DDG has a bounce rate of 11.43%

While Google is still the number one search engine in the US, DDG has worked its way up to become the second largest search engine.

And DDG has a bounce rate of 11.43% compared to Google’s 28.46%.

5. DDG employees have grown to 180

From its humble beginnings with founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg, who ran DDG alone until 2011, the company now employs 180 people.

In addition, the business is now profitable.

It’s a great example of how to start small and grow into something bigger.

6. Average of 6 million monthly downloads on DDG

With more and more people looking to protect their data, there are an average of six million monthly downloads of DDG for both mobile and desktop use.

It has also been the default search engine for Android across the EU since 2020.

7. An average of 3 billion monthly searches on DDG

More people are benefiting from the DDG, and now there are an average of three billion monthly searches.

This is because more and more people are relying on the website for everyday searches.

8. DDG holds 2.42% of the US search market

In 2019, DDG’s market share started growing, starting at 1.25% and has almost doubled today.

DDG holds 2.42% of search engine market share in the US.

9. The cost per click on DDG can be 10 times cheaper than Google

DDG operates pay-per-click advertising like Google and Bing.

However, some marketers have found that DDG is significantly cheaper than the cost per click of ads on Google, lowering the cost of their average conversion rate.

With the right strategy, DDG can be a valuable marketing opportunity for marketers and brands to increase conversion rates.

10. DDG has an average rating of 4.5 stars

One of the best ways to tell if a platform is legit and worth your time is to look at its reviews.

DDG has an average rating of 4.5 stars, which means people love using it.

With fast loading times and ease of use for mobile users, it is an effective search engine.

The central theses

DDG is fast becoming one of the most trusted and popular search engines in the world due to its excellent privacy policy.

It is one of the top search engines for digital marketers and SEO professionals as it offers a unique combination of features that help our users stay safe online.

As you can see, DDG offers a wide range of tools and features to help you optimize your digital marketing strategy, create more opportunities for organic traffic and increase your online presence.

But don’t let these benefits fool you: DDG is a completely free service that requires minimal investment on your part.

So it’s time to give DDG a try and take your online search strategy to the next level.

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