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Looking for the latest music production software? We all know that finding the right software is half the battle. You can have the best ideas and sounds. But if you’re not able to record and edit the music, things will fall apart.

The Internet offers a lot of music production software. New options are popping up all the time and it can be difficult to choose the best ones. Well, we took our time to find the best music production software for 2022. So let’s take a look at the options you have.

How to choose the best music production software

Everyone will have different needs when it comes to the software they need to record and edit music. So you need to think about the factors you prioritize in your search for the right product.

For example, some people will be interested in the price. Maybe you’re on a budget and can only spend a certain amount of money on software. The price of software varies widely and that means there is an option for you. For example, there are even some free options.

Another thing that people consider is the ease of use of the software. You want something that’s easy to use and capable of editing and producing the music you need. The last thing you want is to spend ages getting acquainted with all the features. This is especially true if you are a beginner.

Therefore, make a list of what you need from this software. That way, when you read through our recommended products, you’ll know which one is the best for your music projects. Now let’s move on to the best music software to choose from in 2022.

Reviews and our recommendations

Now it’s time to take a look at music production software and break down what’s so great about it. So let’s take a closer look.

Avid Pro Tools – Why it made the cut

Let’s start with one of the most popular software options out there. We’re talking about Avid Pro Tools. This has advanced features and there is a lot you can do with it. It’s available for Windows and Mac to suit both users, but you’ll need at least 16GB of RAM. Enjoy recording as well as a range of editing features. Most people agree that this software gives you everything you need and is great for more complicated projects. However, note that you will need to pay a subscription and will take some time to learn how to use the interface.


  • Advanced features

  • For Windows and Mac

  • recording and editing


  • Complicated interface

  • subscription fee


There are a multitude of reasons why you need music production software. You might want to record. Alternatively, you might want to add a variety of sounds. Well, if it’s the latter, you should try Artlist. This is an online option that offers you some of the best sound effects for music and video projects. You can start for free and see if you like the software. The interface is easy to use and there is an affordable pricing structure if you want to keep using it. New sounds are added daily and there are even royalty-free options. Plus, there’s even a money-back guarantee so you don’t lose anything by using Artlist. Companies like Netflix, Google, and Nike have all used this software. So that gives you the confidence to try it yourself.



  • time consuming

  • have to pay subscription

Apple Garage Band

For those of you looking for a free music production software alternative, look no further than Apple GarageBand. Of course, this is one that requires a Mac. But it will offer a lot for being free. For example, you’ll have plenty of music loops and instruments to add to your music, as well as the ability to record anything you want. Although there are some advanced features, the interface is relatively easy to use if you’re used to Apple products. Especially if you want to produce projects quickly, this is great software. You can even access it on iPad and iPhone devices.


  • Free

  • Easy to use

  • Record and edit


Image line FL Studio

If you’re new to music editing, having so many options can be overwhelming. All you want is a simple option, easy to learn on site. Well, that’s where Image Line FL Studio comes in. It’s available for Windows and Mac, and users say it’s easy to master. It is also known to be an affordable option. Again, this is software aimed at beginners. No overly complicated features will be available. But it’s a great place to start.


  • Easy for beginners

  • Windows and Mac

  • Payable


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