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If you’re anything like me and have hundreds of thousands of files taking up terabytes of space across multiple RAID arrays and cloud services, finding specific photos or figuring out where I might have duplicates can be an absolute headache.

Full Disclosure: This story by Mylio.

While there’s no shortage of RAW processing engines for photographers to choose from, finding the right system to sort, store, catalogue, organize and back up all your files stored across multiple devices can be an absolute nightmare. Luckily, Mylio has made some impressive improvements that cater specifically to this niche of photographers’ needs.

As revealed in recent updates to the application, the company is leveraging a transformative new solution for backing up and organizing creatives’ photos and videos, creating a private image library that securely connects all of your devices to a personal network that has several advantages over the exclusive dependency on the cloud. based photo apps.

With this latest update, Mylio Photos can connect to your computer (Apple or Windows), phone (iPhone or Android), tablet, online sources (Flickr, Facebook, Google Photos), external hard drives and even NAS RAID arrays centralized photo library to which users can connect their computers and mobile devices even without “cloud”.

Because the system creates a “linked” library, users never have to choose which files to bring with them on their mobile devices and laptops while on the go. Creators can easily access any images or videos they’ve added to Mylio using a personal network that securely connects their electronic devices. The part that needs to be reiterated is that Mylio does not offer or use any cloud storage services at all, as the platform is all about organizing and editing files while offering the ability to connect to cloud storage platforms. With these “linked” sources, all your images are cataloged in a single library that can be accessed through any device with the Mylio Photos app.

The Mylio Photos app for desktop and mobile makes it easy to retrieve Original or Smart Preview files as needed. It offers a standard development module that is convenient and non-destructive for on-the-go editing. But a real bonus for Mylio Photos is the seamless integration to edit your images in a variety of external applications. Once you’ve selected an image to edit, simply select the “Open With” section of the “PHOTO” menu to choose from your installed processing applications. You can also use the share menu on your mobile devices to connect to almost any mobile app designed for photo editing, content creation or social media.

Mylio Photos does not want to replace your favorite processing tool. Yes, users can do some editing within the application, but the real power of the application lies in its ability to work across multiple platforms (Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOs) and helps keep your image library organized. Mylio Photos allows users to search, sort, share, edit, and export, but what I found most useful was the ability to easily find and remove duplicate files.

After more than a decade of professional work, I have amassed well over 30 terabytes of videos and images stored across multiple devices and hard drives on my home network. Given the time involved and the number of disks, I was sure that duplicate files were buried in subfolders of folders, but I was never able to easily find them to clean up.

Luckily, after adding everything to Mylio, I was able to find and sort out over 50 gigabytes of duplicate RAW and JPEG files, with the system showing where each version was on each device and which were the “original” and which were copies /duplicates. The system offered a number of options to remove the duplicates, e.g. B. prioritizing the older/original files over copies, freeing up a lot of space on my hard drives. Additionally, if you delete the duplicate files, Mylio Photos allows you to merge the XMP sidecar information into the final copy.

This is where Mylio shines – managing a photographer’s entire library across all their devices and living up to the origin of the product name by keeping “My Life Organized”. Hobbyists and professionals alike can use this tool to sort their entire image library (including images on Facebook, Flickr, and Google Photos) by keyword, metadata, rating, time, geo-location, and even face recognition. All of this runs on the local device (no internet connection required) and can be used by other photo apps.

Because the system creates intelligent previews and loads incredibly fast, Mylio can even be used to sort out large photo sessions, making the process much smoother than apps like Lightroom and Capture One. However, note that some RAW file types (like some Hasselblad and Fuji cameras) may not be fully supported yet, requiring these systems to shoot with RAW+JPEG. Be sure to check the supported cameras and file types, as the team is constantly adding support for additional cameras.

Mylio Photos is available as an annual subscription for $99.99 or monthly for $9.99.

Full Disclosure: This story by Mylio.

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