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Jettison works as intended and has very few bugs. The price is perfect for a utility app and they even offer a free trial. The only area that I think needs some work is the user experience. While it’s straightforward and easy to use, there are a few spots that could use an update to make the experience even better.

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Jettison provides an automatic feature to eject attached hard drives.

Have you ever closed your laptop only to find a flash drive was still plugged in? This has happened to me more times than I can count. The problem with this is that your computer or flash drive may get confused and data may be lost, corrupted or programs may crash. Luckily for forgetful people like me there is Jettison.

About Jettison

Jettison is a utility app designed for macOS devices that eliminates the need to manually eject external hard drives before putting your MacBook to sleep. It was originally released in 2011 and is written in Objective-C. According to developer St. Clair Software, a rewrite of the app to Swift with updated support for some of the disk structures introduced in Big Sur and Monterey is in the works.

installation screen

Jettison is currently at version 1.8.4 (3401) and was last updated on December 10, 2021. The latest updates included:

  • Fixed problems remounting locked, encrypted APFS volumes.
  • Error messages show a generic application icon when no icon can be found for an app.
  • The error window correctly displays error messages in dark mode and when no specific error can be detected.
  • Fixed error reporting to show error messages consistently when using Eject and Sleep Now.
  • Jettison no longer causes Messages to exit if it ejects media before hibernating.
  • Fixed layout of splash screen for first run when running in French.
  • Jettison now ignores the Boot OSX and iSCPreboot volumes.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when entering your license information after purchasing Jettison.
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Permission queries during installation.

Prices & Availability

Jettison is available from for $4.95 for a single license or $3.95 each for 2 or more licenses. It is currently in version 1.8.4 and users have an opportunity to try it for free for 15 days before purchasing it. Jettison runs natively on Intel & Apple Silicon (macOS 10.9 to 12.4). Jettison works on any Mac – MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini or Mac Pro.

The installation process is for “MAC APP STORE CUSTOMERS” but Jettison is not currently available on the App Store. According to the FAQs on it was once available on the Mac App Store and there are instructions on how a MAS customer can update their app via the web store instead.

Privacy Policy

There is no formal privacy policy for Jettison. The developer states that there have been no privacy issues that would require a policy. Jettison does not collect or use data from users’ computers, nor does it look at any files on a user’s Mac other than the preferences file, which stores user preferences.

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Prompt to install SD card and utility.

user experience

Getting started with Jettison is easy. You simply download the installer package from and then drag the Jettison icon into the Applications folder. You’ll likely get the standard macOS warning that the app was downloaded from the web and not the App Store.

You must click Open for the installation to continue. After that, you must also grant Jettison permission to access files on a network volume and your various system folders. Once you go through the permissions, the utility will be installed and you can set your preferences. The menu bar contains the following options in the drop-down list.

  • Eject external hard drives now
  • Now eject and sleep
  • sleep now
  • Remount ejected media now
  • Eject
  • mount
  • Preferences..
  • About dropping..
  • Check for updates…
  • License…
  • Quit Jettison
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Menu bar drop-down lists.

Jettison also has an option to eject SD cards, but it’s not set by default. The app will pop up asking if you want to allow this feature. There’s a note included that you really only need to allow it if you have a built-in SD card reader and are using it as an additional drive.

If you don’t allow it at this time, you can always choose it later in your settings. Here is an interesting step. If you choose to eject SD cards, a dialog box will appear stating that a helper application needs to be installed for Jettison to work properly. I clicked install and was then asked for my admin password.

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Speaking of settings, the other options included in these settings are:

  • options: Launch Jettison when you log in, Show the Jettison icon in the menu bar, Eject external hard drives before system sleep, Eject external hard drives on reboot and shutdown
  • Eject what: hard drives, network drives, DVDs and CDs, SD cards, disk images; Sentence Unmount instead of eject (Allows flash and SD drives to be remounted without reloading the driver.)
  • notification: Show dialog when ejecting or remounting; Show a system notification after eject; play sound on success; play sound on error;
  • hot keys: Eject external drives, eject drives and remount hibernation or ejected drives
  • extras: Remount drives on wake up, Reload drivers to remount flash drives, Also unmount these drives, Do not unmount these drives, Do not remount these drives
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Jettison is set up 100% automatically for the user. Once the settings are set, you should be able to practically forget about them. It requires very little system resources. When it’s idle it registers 0% CPU usage and if you poke around in the app’s settings, it climbs to only around 5% CPU usage.

The only problem I encountered was with Time Machine. I ran my Time Machine backup on a NAS and when I wake up my laptop I always get this error: The Time Machine volume would not unmount. Try ejecting it in Finder. I have network drives enabled in the What to eject preference feature, so I don’t really know why it’s not ejecting for me. Other than that, Jettison has put in an admirable performance.

Airdrop for Mac
Disk Eject Settings and Dialog Prompts and Time Machine Errors.


I was very impressed with how well Jettison works. While there are a few tweaks that I think would help the overall user experience, they are so minor that it makes no sense to mention them here. Jettison is one of those utility apps that just works.

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