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Knowing in Argentina and many other parts of the planet Program and software development Today it’s practically about getting a job and a . guaranteed access to good wagesBasically because this sector is in full swing and companies cannot find suitable people for the vacancies.

According to the latest survey by the Argentine Chamber of Software Industry (CESSI) in 2021 salary in these companies 85% higher, much higher than inflation (50.9%) for the same period. Also, he uploaded 52% in dollars,

“It goes without saying lack of sourcesAccelerated by the great development of this area, its high rotation and most profiles to work abroad‘ he explained in the unit what he’s up to 400,000 formal jobs Only in the next 10 years.

So to January 2022Workers were already earning money in the local software industry Average of $210,600 per month, according to Cess. and today many are near or above it $350,000, if they have experience. In addition, today these profiles are in high demand by all types of companies from different industries.

but how to boot What if little or nothing is known about the subject? for those who are determined take your first step I just joined this store a training opportunities Which can be very helpful.

and allows access free textin the Spanish, 100% on-line with and flexible curriculum who provide everything necessary for those who start start from contain basic knowledgeas much as possible in the end make a video gameOn your own, from start to finish.

“You will understand the logic of the code,” the producers promise.

New free programming course that is already available

offer, titleNew free basic programming course‘ was launched by the online learning platform this week placea startup edtech of Latin origin 1,000 interactive courses and multimedia, all available Twenty-four hours to follow each student at your own paceOne more thing? FreeAs in this case.

Platzy already offered a basic programming course that was actually one of the most popular on the platform: more 580,000 students He just did it. but now they presented themselves enlarged version He says they developed with “the five most outstanding programming experts in Latin America”.

“In this edition 2022 a 50% more contentfocused 15 hours of videos and presented by experts from Colombia and Mexico with different profiles and branches of experience in the development of digital products,” he explained.

“It is perfect for those who are looking The whole thing from the beginning in the programming world. We want to serve the audience inquisitive To develop a group that afraid to try And also for professionals who are already in the tech world and want to understand how it works Programming,” said Sebastian Delmont, dean of the School of Computing and Technology at Platzie.

What languages ​​does the new Platzy programming course teach and how to access it?

In particular, those who are enrolled learn Basics of Javascript, the most popular programming language in the world. And they start in two basic languages ​​for web development: HTML and CSSso to the beginning no prior knowledge requiredMust have a computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux operating system

As they explain, students will be able to do this throughout the module apply the principle develop video gameYou start with the basic commands to make a traditional game of ‘.Scissors stone paper‘ and they will add more and more complex knowledge until they can program Interactive multiplayer game Easy.

The course is specially designed for beginners in Latin America. Photos: Platji.

Of course, the makers make that clear in the warning there are no miracles“Program Discipline is requiredconsistent and consistent training,” he emphasizes. But at the same time, he says, effort and perseverance usually pay off.

“a person who surrenders” one hour per day for the coursein the three months will be the fundamental basis for Define your expertise jobs in programming and engineering,” estimates Platzy CEO Freddy Vega. a final examGraduate A. can download PDF certificate,

The course can be started immediately by accessing the platform via this link and registering via email. you can meet there too agenda or programWho are the teachers and other details.

What other free courses are there to learn programming?

It is possible to find many on the internet free and online courses Programming, each with its own characteristics. Not all are in Spanish. Some are decided by educational mega-platforms like Udemy hey CourseraOthers are initiatives by companies like Google or the Academies of Programming.

details about 8 featured optionstheir suggestions and all access link This current note can be found in horn,


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