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Multiversus is the next competitive title in the platform fighting genre. The game has a dramatic impact on the scene and offers overall 19 playable characters until now. This includes iconic ones Warner Bros Franchise stars like Batman and bug bunny. We can even expect new and future characters in the game. The game itself is shaping up to be a fantastic competitor to other games in the genre smashed brothers & brawl. However, despite the high praise, Multiversus has some issues like the KBI tutorial not working properly, so today we are going to share a known fix to the error.

The game had several issues that plagued it mostly as a player cannot connect to the servers as well as a few other bugs and glitches. The game is much more diverse and complex in terms of combo variety and mechanics than most other games.

The alpha and beta versions seemed to have collected a positive reception from the player base. Unfortunately, aspects like the non-working and buggy KBI tutorial have left players stuck and annoyed in Multiversus. So, before we even get started, let’s discuss what exactly the “KBI Tutorial” is in-game.

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What is the KBI tutorial in Multiversus

Multiversus’ advanced tutorial menu

The game has a fairly extensive list. We’ve even covered a ranking of every character in Multiversus, detailing some of their brief descriptions Gimmick Attacks and strong suits. But before you can try each of these heroes, the game has a special tutorial that will teach you all about them Basic & Advanced technology or mechanics.

The KBI tutorial is one of them and the term stands for “KnockBack Influence” within the game. It’s essentially a mechanic that the game teaches you in one of the tutorials that players can use to counter recoil damage. It’s a pretty helpful and simple trick that most Smash Bros players might already know.

Generally speaking, the easiest way beating it ends up costing players more trouble than one. The main issue players seem to be facing is the character in the tutorial. wonder woman. She was buffed after the balancing patch during the Closed BetaThis change caused her to enlarge them shield slam Damage.

It’s the only move the AI ​​uses of her in-game to throw players up into the Death zone so you can complete the tutorial. But now it’s over KO’n immediately, which is extremely annoying for several players. However, you don’t have to worry because now we are going to discuss the best workaround for this tedious problem.

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How to solve KBI tutorial not working

Multiversus KBI Tutorial
The in-game KBI tutorial

The tutorial is pretty indulgent when it comes to being in the advanced tutorial category. The mechanic is performed using your directional keys as anchors to avoid being thrown into the game’s dead zones. Which is easier said than done for most players, unless Wonder Woman is preventing you from reaching it.

It’s easily explained by the in-game prompts where you hold down your directional key, e.g analog stick on consoles, down and to the left to avoid being knocked out of the arena.

Players over on the Multiversus Steam Support forums as well as the Reddit and discord Communities have managed to conjure up a certain loophole to the problem. It is specially tailored for console users and PC gamers on Steam. So far, there are no conventional methods for the problem in the game.

The trick to fixing the KBI tutorial is bugging and not working properly in Multiversus isn’t rocket science or something too frantic to solve. Most players should be able to easily complete and bypass it using a specific workaround that was only recently discovered by the game’s player base.

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Playstation & Xbox

There are some reports that suggest players can complete it after a few tries of launching over and over again. While that may be the case, it doesn’t seem to work for everyone. The controls to complete the tutorial are the same on all consoles such as PS4 and PS5 or Xbox Series X.

However, it has been discovered that players can bypass the entire tutorial quickly and relatively easily, thanks to a certain trick that anyone can use by following these short steps:

KIB direction
Analog stick direction in KIB tutorial
  • The trick is to use the home screen buttons PlayStation & Xbox.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions as shown in-game to complete the tutorial.
  • You need to hold down the analog stick down to the left as shown in the image above.
  • While holding them down, you must also press the PS button or Xbox icon button on your controller.
Multiversus KIB bypass
The timing of the home button
  • That timed coordination In order to press the home button on either console from your controller, Wonder Woman’s shield bash animation must be correct is half done.
  • As you can see in the image above, you have to press it when the white sparks of action are done.
  • Once she hits you with it, make sure you have the analog stick in the direction explained.
  • It should have worked successfully if your Wonder Woman is back in the arena instead of being KO’d.

Strangely, the timing will take some time to shut down, but we can confirm that it’s working for almost everyone who’s faced the issue. It works oddly due to the game do not register the death screen animation once you press the home button on both consoles.

Steam user

PC users playing the game on Steam can opt for the same method as above, other than that unfortunately there are no other fixes that can be applied to this version.

According to reports on various Steam discussion forums about the game, players can warp back into the arena simply by pressing ALT+TAB keys just before WW starts from the arena. It works the same way like console users can do with the home button on their controllers, the only difference being the buttons.

The only difference is that right before that, you need to Alt+Tab to your Windows OS in the same way as above. Other than that, your only other hope is to wait for a patch to be released that can fix this issue.


Multiversus may have been released worldwide, but the game is still a long way from it official release Condition. The game is currently being released as an open beta, which means that there is still a lot of balancing and testing work going on at the moment.

Players who had been eagerly waiting to play the game were excited to learn about every new mechanic it introduced. However, the issue of the KBI tutorial not working and causing errors in Multiversus is one of the few of many issues holding that back true potential of the game.

We can only hope that the developers Player First Games will soon address and polish these types of bugs, sooner rather than later. It should be noted that you don’t necessarily need to complete the tutorial for anything other than learning the Mechanics of recoil influencewhich we have already explained in simple terms.

We hope this fix will help you to overcome the annoying in-game KIB tutorial completion. Let us know if you enjoy the game or not now that it’s finally available for everyone to play as well as you do favorite character in the comment box below!

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