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Apple is expanding its advertising business and adding two new ad slots to the App Store. Currently, the App Store has two ad slots: one in the main Search tab and one in the search results. The two new App Store Ads announced today will bring advertising to the app store’s “Today” homepage as well as to individual app pages.

App Store ads are coming in more and more places

The new ad placements in the App Store allow developers to place ads outside of the search tab and search results. First of all, there is a new ad slot on the App Store Today home page. This dot, as seen in the image above, is in the second slot on the Today page.

Apple notes that the rest of the Today tab will continue to focus on curation and discovery – the commercial will be clearly identified as an ad that uses the same blue banner/background as search ads. This will obviously be a pretty lucrative ad placement for both Apple and developers since it’s right on the page users see when they first open the App Store.

The second new ad placement comes directly on the product pages themselves. This means that developers can now place ads on the product pages for other apps. This spot is at the very bottom of the product page, under the banner area showing other apps from this developer.

Developers cannot target a specific application when bidding to place ads on product pages. For example, Twitter would not be able to target Tweetbot. However, the ads are relevant to each of the product pages. That means you could (and probably will) see ads for direct competitors on app pages.

In a statement, Apple said these new ad placements provide developers with an additional opportunity to engage and reach new customers while continuing to adhere to Apple’s privacy commitment:

Apple Search Ads offers developers of all sizes opportunities to grow their business. Like our other promotional offerings, these new ad placements are built on the same foundation – they only include content from apps’ approved App Store product pages and are subject to the same strict privacy standards.

Ron Schneidermann, CEO of popular app AllTrails, said in a statement:

Apple Search Ads has helped us attract new, more engaged customers in all markets. We rely on Apple Search Ads for cost-effective customer acquisition – it’s a critical part of our growth strategy. As they become available, we plan to invest in new placements to reach even more App Store customers and continue to drive our business growth.

The new ad placements will soon appear on the App Store for testing, but there are no details on when exactly that will happen.

Privacy for advertising in the App Store

Apple allows users to easily opt out of personalized ads when they first open any of its apps. Apple currently shows ads in the News app, the App Store, and the Stocks app.

In fact, Apple said earlier this year that about 78% of iOS 15 users opt out of personalized ads. According to Apple, this has no impact on conversions or effectiveness. The company explained that in the first quarter, advertisers saw a 62.1% conversion rate among customers who opted into personalized ads, compared to a 62.5% conversion rate among users who opted out.

The new ad placements offer the same privacy protections as Apple’s other first-party ads. It does not target individuals or small groups, only segments with at least 5,000 users. The company also doesn’t create individual user profiles across its apps and services. Instead, it relies on random identifiers.

9to5Mac’s Take: Google Play Store Comparison

As covered by our colleagues over there 9to5Google several times the Google Play Store shows a series of ads. This applies to the app’s For You tab as well as listings on product pages and in search results. In the Play Store, ads generally show a number of different apps and take up multiple lines of content. They’re labeled as advertising, but not as clearly as what Apple does in the App Store.

With today’s announcement, Apple is now offering ad placements in the App Store in places similar to those in the Play Store. Apple’s implementation is much cleaner and more sophisticated than in the Play Store. The App Store is also much clearer about what is an ad and what is curation.

Also, the product page ads are ranked higher in the Play Store than in the App Store. This means you will see the ads before you see other apps made by the same developer.

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