This week’s best deals include discounts on the AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro, Apple TV 4K, and Magic Trackpad 2, all of which are still available at notable discounts from Amazon and other retailers.

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AirPods 2

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  • What is the problem? $29 off AirPods 2
  • where can i get this Amazon
  • Where can I find the original offer? Exactly here

Apple’s AirPods 2 returned $99.99 this week at Amazon, starting at $129.00. Prime Day had a sale that was about $10 cheaper, but with that event over and the holiday season months away, this is a solid off-season deal for the AirPods 2.

Apple TV 4K

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  • What is the problem? Save $49 on Apple TV 4K
  • where can i get this Amazon
  • Where can I find the original offer? Exactly here

The Apple TV 4K is another product that hasn’t quite returned to its rock-bottom Prime Day price just yet (and at this point we don’t expect it anytime soon). The good news is that you can still get the 32GB model for a solid price from $129.99 at Amazon this week from $179.00.

Magic Trackpad 2

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  • What is the problem? Save $29 on Magic Trackpad 2
  • where can i get this Adorama
  • Where can I find the original offer? Exactly here

Mid-week we shared a deal for the Magic Trackpad 2, and since then that retail price has increased slightly. Instead of $89.99, you can buy the Magic Trackpad 2 on Adorama for $99.99less than $129.00 which is still a good deal and the best on the web for a new version of the accessory.

AirPods Pro

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  • What is the problem? Save $69 On AirPods Pro
  • where can i get this Amazon
  • Where can I find the original offer? Exactly here

Following the deals on the AirPods 2, we also saw a discount on the AirPods Pro this week. They are available for $179.99 at Amazon, starting at $249.00.

Head over to our full round of deals to find out about the latest deals and discounts we’ve been tracking over the past week.

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