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This eye-catching orange/red lipstick is the perfect glamorous summer color. (Mac)

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From the moment my parents let me wear makeup as a teenager, I’ve been all about statement lips.

I’ve had brief dalliances with nudes (lipstick, that is) and sheer gloss, but I quickly got fed up with people saying, “You look tired” or “Are you unwell?”.

While I have an extensive collection (think three drawers dedicated to various shades of red and deep fuchsia), there is one lipstick that has survived numerous culling: Mac’s Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour, aptly named Quite The Stand Out (15 £.20 – was £19). – for boats). It’s a matte, smudge-proof gem, and as soon as I apply it, the bright orange/red tones make me look like I’m glowing from within. A strong statement, yes, but true.

In fact, science backs it up – according to a study by Professor Richard Russell and researchers at CERIES (Epidermal and Sensory Research and Investigation Center), wearing a bold lipstick makes you look younger. (I can vouch for that — I wore Quite The Standout recently while out with a group of women I’d just met, and everyone thought I was at least 10 years younger than I actually am.)

This Mac lipstick that makes people think I'm a decade younger.  (included)

This Mac lipstick that makes people think I’m a decade younger. (included)

If that’s not enough to convince you to buy, then know this: research from the British Heart Foundation found that 26% of women feel more confident and ‘wild’ when they wear red lipstick.

You may also have heard of the “lipstick effect” – something that can be traced back to the Great Depression. This means that even in tough economic times, like the current cost-of-living crisis, people will still buy beauty products to make them feel better, with lipstick being the number one choice.

US business magazine Forbes reports that new data from global market-tracking firm NPD Group shows that sales of lipstick and other lip makeup rose 48% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2022, and that women are also wanting brighter and more dramatic colors.

The power of lipstick not only makes you look better, but also feeling Even better is not to be underestimated. Lipstick has always given me a mental boost: as soon as I apply one of my favorite pigment-rich colors, I immediately feel stronger. braver. more confident. In fact, one of my mom’s best pieces of advice rings out in my head whenever I’m not feeling well (emotionally or physically): “You’ll feel a little better if you put on a little Lippy.” And you know what? She is right.

With that in mind, and to celebrate National Lipstick Day today, Mac’s Quite the Stand Out is a worthy addition to your stash.

How it works

Mac says his Retro Matte Liquid lip colors offer “a rush of pigment-soaked liquid color in a velvety matte matte finish that’s impossible to forget.”

And I would agree with every word of that. It applies like a lip gloss but dries into a pigment-rich matte lipstick — and the brand claims it lasts eight hours.


The velvety soft lipstick was created to last eight hours. (Mac)

£15.20 £19 at Boots

£22 at Mac

And if you don’t like the Quite the Stand Out shade, it’s available in 13 shades on the Mac website and 10 shades on

How to apply

Mac experts recommend using the edge of the applicator for a smooth, sharp shape, and then using the tip of the applicator to perfect your application.

If you’re struggling with dry lips, slather on some Mac’s Prep + Prime Lip (£14, was £17.50 at Boots) to help your lips feel a little more hydrated and keep your lipstick from bleeding.

FYI: In the winter, when my lips are at their driest, I sometimes wear a clear lip gloss on top so I don’t sacrifice the pigment. Although it reduces stamina.

What to expect

After applying Mac’s Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Quite The Stand Out, it dries in seconds to a velvety smooth, highly pigmented matte shade.

And if you don’t eat it will last eight hours. But if you mock a sandwich for lunch, be prepared for it to sag in the middle.

As for wearing masks (as I still do when I’m on crowded public transport or in busy shops) – I lose a little pigment. But unlike a lot of lipsticks I’ve worn, when I take my mask off, I don’t end up looking like I’ve had a heavy kissing session.

The color really pops on my fair skin – it’s a seriously bold, eye-popping orange-red. Because it’s so matte and dramatic, I really keep the rest of my makeup minimal and bright. I avoid face powder and just use a touch of mascara and a glowing base (I recommend IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Illumination SPF 50+, £26 from Boots – the tube lasts forever).

Although Quite the Stand Out looks amazing year-round, it looks sensational in the summer with a tan (or fake tan in my case). It makes my skin look radiant, my green eye color pops, and people keep telling me how “good” I look.

And it looks just as good on other skin tones too. In fact, I first fell in love with it when I saw multiracial influencer Style Me Sunday wearing it. With her it’s a stunning, almost deep fluorescent orange. And on the Mac website you can see how it looks on very light olive and black skin.







Another bonus? I also use it as a blush. I touch my lips with my middle finger and then dab the color that comes off onto my cheeks.

I leave it to you with this quote from former lipstick entrepreneur Poppy King: “Give a woman the right lipstick and she can take on the world.”

Happy National Lipstick Day.

£15.20 £19 at Boots

£22 at Mac

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