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(On his assessment of the first four days in the training camp)

“The mental part was very good. They will get heavy legs on the third and fourth day as they adjust to the heat. I think these guys are attentive, they’re pushing and the communication has been good.”

(On his impressions from center Robert Hainsey)

“Smart. He’s very smart – he goes in the right places and does the right things out of pads. When we go in pads when he’s up against Vita [Vea] and Akim [Hicks] That way he will get a lot of good work. But he did everything [well]and so it did [Nick] Leverett.”

(How WR Tyler Johnson’s camp has gone so far)

“He came in great form. I think he’s learned a little bit more offense, so he’s playing a lot more freely than he has in the last two years. This is a great camp and he’ll get a lot of playing time and we’ll see what he really does.”

(On if OL Brandon Walton has a legitimate shot at the left guard job)

“It’s wide open. He’ll have a chance like everyone else.”

(On What He Saw by Rookie DL Logan Hall)

“He’s very athletic. Of course he has to do everything schematically, but when he rushes the passer-by, he is very good. He has to get the running nuances down and the shifts down. If we install and the game slows down for him, we expect him to help us.”

“Not decided yet. Whether we have a fifth security or not depends on how they play on [special] teams how they fare [and] if we trust them [to be] do the right things. But it’s a good competition. nolan [Turner] is very smart, Troy [Warner] is very smart and had a year in the system. Once the pads arrive and the preseason games start, it will probably sort itself out.”

(Via QB Tom Brady building synergy with wide receivers Russell Gage Jr. and Julio Jones)

“I think it’s a great start. I think they don’t have the synergy and everything yet. They’re all professional, they’ve played in the league and they get along. But to understand the nuances and what they think , Tom likes it and the way Tom sees them moving – they’re working on it and we’ll get that throughout the camp, but the start was very good.

(If the Buccaneers are sure they will stay indoors to replace injured C Ryan Jensen)

“We’re not sure yet. We’re in shorts and t-shirts. That will sort itself out during the training camp and depending on how things go we’ll see if we leave the house.” or not.”

(On rookie RB Rachaad White)

“He is very intelligent. The shorts and t-shirt thing at the moment – I think everyone’s having a good camp because it’s all mental and some speed and some movement. Once we start batting and installations increase, see who can retain information and execution on the field, I think that works by itself. But he’s a very intoxicating player. We liked him when we drafted him. He knows what needs to be done, he has great vision and it will be exciting to see him do it Pads.”

(How adding pads on Monday will change practice)

“Well, a lot of supposed sacks may not arrive, and a lot of supposed runs may not arrive. We’ll see what becomes of what. We try to improve each other and prepare for the season. We understand that we are on the same team. We want tough competition, but we want to play smart and figure things out.

(Whether the Buccaneers will even train at their indoor facility)

“Depends on the day. We play it by ear. You get a feel, a pulse for the team and you always look at the temperature. We can, or we can go straight through or take more breaks. We’ll falter.”

(If he emphasizes anything specific with the players about handling pads in the heat)

“Definitive. That’s the only way you can be professional. You need to hydrate, you need to rejuvenate, you need to stretch. You have to do everything you can to prepare for the season. We take care of our part when they are in the building, they have to take care of their part when they leave the building. That’s part of being a professional.”

(On the development of QB Kyle Trask)

“Here, too, he plays more confidently. The more reps he gets the more comfortable he is with the scheme and he’s very determined about where he needs to go with football.”

(How it went for kickers Ryan Succop and Jose Borregales)

“It went [well]. Both are healthy, both perform [well] at the moment. Again, we’ll see what happens as we get more situations and let these guys kick more.

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