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Many factors contribute to global economic growth. Well thought-out policies of powerful countries, industrial giants ramping up production now more than ever, and people with more purchasing power to buy things are just a few of the few factors that have fueled the economic rise of the 21st century. With the rise of e-commerce businesses worldwide, our shopping habits have changed drastically. We can now shop 24/7 on these e-commerce portals and online shopping has increased a lot since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, according to the Shopify eCommerce Market Credibility Study 2021, 60% of global consumers expect same-day, next-day, or two-day delivery. This on-demand economy has resulted in an ever-increasing volume of orders that must be delivered at ever-increasing speeds. To keep this well-oiled machine running at all times, each area of ​​improvement must be fine-tuned and waste reduced wherever possible. This is one of the biggest challenges keeping IT and Operations leaders up at night.

To increase productivity and reduce costs, IT and operations professionals need to improve real-time visibility of their inventory and keep their field and retail workers connected. By connecting people to the right data through machines like handhelds, companies and their frontline workers can make decisions faster and more accurately.

However, frontline workers need to be equipped with the right mobile device, designed for different environments and different types of jobs. This is where the Zebra TC15 mobile computer comes into play. This new 5G rugged mobile computer is designed to help logistics and e-commerce businesses meet the demands of today’s on-demand economy.

Zebra Technologies is a leader in enterprise mobile computing and offers a wide range of mobile devices and tablets to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor professionals. Zebra products like the TC15 have been rigorously tested and meet the highest testing standards in the industry. They are fully configurable, easy to deploy in any environment, and highly secure.

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What is the Zebra TC15 and how is it different from other devices?

Despite the form factor of a consumer smartphone, the TC15 has a robust construction and can withstand hard drops of up to 1.2 m onto concrete. It is also equipped with industry-specific features that are customizable based on business needs. The TC15 has many features such as B. 5G connectivity, a battery for a whole shift, an easy-to-use Android operating system (OS), a large 6.5-inch display, an integrated scanner and enterprise-ready Mobility DNA applications, and much more. The TC15 is also MIL-STD-810G (a US military standard for drops) and IP67 certified.

The future of connectivity is 5G

With the increasing rollout of 5G network around the world, India is also preparing for it. 5G has proven to be about three times faster than 4G LTE, with an extremely low latency of 4ms maximum and 1ms minimum. Its speed of communicating and updating records is almost instantaneous. A 5G network will significantly improve signal quality and strength, allowing for more simultaneous connections.

The ability to withstand harsh environments, be it indoors or outdoors

Zebra takes a device’s ruggedness to the next level. Faced with the harsh working environments, the TC15 has enough layers of protection that can make the device durable. Thanks to the IPx7 sealing, the device can survive 30 minutes under water at a depth of 1 m. The TC15 is fully sealed against dust with IP6X sealing. In addition, the TC15 has been drop and drop tested and survives a 1.5m drop onto concrete (with a sturdy boot). Drops 1.2m onto concrete (without rugged boots) and withstands up to 1,000 drops from 0.5m.

The constant battery power workers need

The TC15 has a huge battery that easily lasts a full shift or even longer. However, what sets this device apart from others is that the TC15 has a removable battery. This way a TC15 is never out of order. If the device battery dies during a shift, it can be replaced with a fully charged battery without shutting down. TC15 has a fast battery charging time and can be charged from 0% to 80% in less than 2 hours. Depending on the work environment, the TC15 has flexible charging options, allowing its user to charge the device in a charging station or simply plug it into any power outlet using the USB-C cable and power adapter.

Familiarity with Android OS

Rather than learning a cumbersome new operating system with its own set of features and nuances, Zebra’s TC15 runs on Android 11 OS with built-in support for future Android versions. With most people using Android smartphones today, the TC15 seems to be the most well-known. In this way, companies can reduce the time it takes their employees to familiarize themselves with the new devices and allow them to start working almost immediately.

The extraordinarily large display

The TC15 features a large and bright 6.5-inch HD+ display that displays colors and graphics in vivid detail and is easy for the user to read. The display is protected by reinforced, scratch-resistant glass and advanced multi-touch technology that allows multi-finger touch when the device is wet or the user is wearing gloves.

The best enterprise-class data collection

To connect with a worker and get workflow updates from anywhere, the TC15 is equipped with rear and front cameras. The 5MP color front camera allows the user to make video calls, making it ideal for remote collaboration when needed. For example, if the field worker is faced with a local issue, they can easily schedule a video call to seek help and resolve the matter promptly. Likewise, the 13-megapixel color camera on the back would come in handy, especially for those who need to take photos as proof of delivery.

The TC15 offers the ability to capture more types of data in one scan. The device features NFC (Near Field Communication), UDI (Unique Device Identification) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The NFC is an ideal addition to package checking and customer identification. The UDI allows scanning of all barcodes on a package and the TC15 can identify all UDI barcodes and send them to the application. Equipped with an integrated image scanner, the TC15 is capable of capturing images. Using third-party OCR applications, it can automatically capture information such as license plate data, information on labels for tracking, and serial numbers for parts tracking.

Above all, the safety of the device is not neglected. Zebra Mobility DNA Professional provides security solutions to provision, manage and integrate your devices. This mobility DNA helps deliver and accelerate better business outcomes, reduce operational costs, and help organizations meet their unique business needs.

In addition to providing a holistic service with Zebra Mobility DNA Professional, Zebra offers another important offering with OneCare Special Value maintenance plans. This offers extended support of 2 to 3 years and covers functional failures and normal wear and tear. There is a 5 day turnaround time for priority repairs for such wear and tear. OneCare service offers free return shipping from the repair center by ground, plus priority access to 8×5 local time live agent technical support and 24×7 access to self-service tools. If the above is not enough, you can choose Z1C Special Value’s alternative options with a repair rate limit of 10-20% to cover accidental damage during the contract period, which is the cheapest option. In addition, one has access to software updates and LifeGuard for Android security updates and can check the VisibilityIQ OneCare support system, which offers cloud-based visibility of your contracts, repair data, technical support cases and more.

Given the versatility of the TC15 and Zebra’s long history of supporting frontline businesses across multiple industries, the TC15 is an excellent addition to the existing range of a rugged and robust product portfolio. With Zebra’s TC15, organizations can empower their people and streamline their work for better results. To learn more about the Zebra TC15 mobile computer, click here.

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