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Since her release in 2019 Apex Legends fans have been fascinated by the stealthy thief Loba. Why shouldn’t they be? She can gather items from afar, see valuable loot through walls, and on top of that, she’s one of the few characters that can teleport! A unique character with a lot of utility.

Many players new to the game, or Loba herself, find her quite difficult to handle. As always, the key is to use this cunning warrior’s skills effectively and develop useful strategies. While there are basic basics to keep in mind, let’s run through a few tips and tricks to help some aspiring Loba main characters become the best gunslinger thieves in Apex Legends.


Positioning of the jump drive

Loba’s jump drive is an amazing tool, allowing players to quickly reposition themselves in a fight, or even escape from a fight that’s gotten a bit too out of hand. However, most will mainly use it for the latter purpose, and while perfectly workable, remember that she can teleport.

Don’t be afraid to use her jump drive to get a better angle. Go over their heads and attack them from behind. Use the high ground. The jump drive can give a quick advantage in positioning. Just be careful if the enemy can easily get onto the high ground too.

call loot

Loba’s passive, Eye for Quality, gives her the ability to see high-value loot through walls. While the reason in the story is her insatiable thirst for shiny things, this can be a great advantage for Loba and her team during gameplay. With this, Loba can point out the many hidden rare or gold items scattered across the map.

Even players who don’t have access to microphones can make these calls, as Loba can actually ping more valuable loot through walls. When an enemy Loba makes such announcements, expect them and their entire team to show up with at least one gold item. Why not hit everyone?

Often a fight takes place between several other teams. It happens. Third parties are practically unavoidable in Apex Legends. However, that just means more loot crates and more guns and ammo to pick up by players who don’t need them. Players would normally take this time to loot every single crate, but with Loba on the team, there’s actually a better alternative.

Utilize their Ultimate Black Market Boutique right in the middle so everyone can browse through what they can find. It’s much faster than having to search through each individual box.

Surprise Flanking Windows

Loba’s Jumpdrive has two unique properties. The first is that it is a small bracelet that she has to take off and the second is that she throws it. Because it’s a simple item, players quickly found that they could throw it through windows, and if the situation calls for it, aspiring Loba players will have to try that at some point as well.

While the enemy is distracted by the others charging from one direction, Loba players can infiltrate through an area they wouldn’t expect: the windows! Loba’s jump drive can be an amazing flanking tool when used correctly, so it’s important to spend some time learning how and where to best use it.

Yoinking of care packages

It might sound a bit obvious, but Loba’s Black Market Boutique also works with Care Pack items. If you suspect there might be something particularly valuable in a care pack, simply activate the ultimate and steal what’s inside before the enemy can reach it. Not sure how to use the weapon? No problem. The goal is to snatch it from your opponents before they can. Just be aware that the enemy (who may or may not have been a big fan of the red tier weapon in question) no longer has the ability to use it on Loba.

The downside is that Loba has to wait for someone to open the care package to pull this off. After that, Loba will have to be quick to get the items on the black market.

Ultimate accelerators

Loba gets her Ultimate back ridiculously fast. In fact, she has one of the fastest load times in the game when it comes to her Ultimate. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to just use it whenever the time feels right. It will probably be available again before the next fight.

However, if players are really worried about wasting the Ultimate, there’s always the option to pack an Ultimate Accelerant. While it doesn’t recharge it right away, it does just enough to ensure it’s ready in the next 80 seconds.

Escape car chases with the Gravity Cannon

In case Loba is all alone with a whole squad chasing after him, hop in a gravity cannon. People are usually pretty hungry for a kill, and the chance to take out an entire squad is hard to resist. Luckily, players can use their enemies’ wild tendencies to their advantage!

If they follow Loba in the cannon, she has an extra tool up her sleeve. Just throw that trusty Jump Drive back in a different direction and suddenly Loba will be in a completely different area and the enemy will blow up. It’s possible to use this trick to quickly safely return to a teammate’s banner, simply run to a safer area, or in myriad other sneaky ways.

vault theft

This is a more well-known tip in Apex Legends, but newcomers may not have considered it. For those who don’t know, Loba can use her ultimate ability to steal items from a locked vault. Just choose wisely as only one item can be taken.

Grab a gold body shield if Loba or a teammate doesn’t have one. Or a knockdown shield. Be warned, however, that this will set off an alarm that could warn nearby enemies. After that, the black market will be closed automatically. Then make sure everyone has already taken an item before you do so.

Black market in battle if necessary

In a teamfight and low on ammo? Is the only body shield incredibly low and unable to charge? Should the player have their always-useful ultimate and be behind a lot of cover, this isn’t much of a problem anymore. Quickly activate the Black Market Boutique and gather what you need, then jump back into the fight.

If Loba is stashed in a building, her ultimate can even be used to block doors. This tricky Legend’s skills are incredibly useful in many situations.

The downside of their skills

As useful as Loba’s tool kit is, it’s also important to beware of the downsides to her abilities. Jump Drive is a great escape tool as well as a decent flanking tool, but when used as an escape she has to wait for it to land before she can actually exit the fight. Once it has landed, the player must wait for her to put it back on. Nobody wants to be a sitting duck while waiting for a chance to escape. To reduce this danger, try throwing the jumpdrive and then dropping it straight down in the middle of its arc to get out of there faster.

Similarly, the enemy can use the Black Market Boutique as well. When an ally starts hitting the black market after everyone gets what they need, this is why. Once the team stocks up on supplies, it’s up to Loba to get rid of it before another team finds it.

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