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Aptitude tests are assessments or tests designed to determine an individual’s ability in a specific skill or area of ​​knowledge. These tests are conducted in schools and universities and most often in job interviews. In order to pass these tests, you must prepare for them. Today, technology plays a crucial role in streamlining preparation for these tests so they have access to the tools they need, anytime, anywhere.

Top 10 aptitude test prep apps to download now

1. Aptitude test and preparation

Aptitude Test and Preparation is an Android app for aptitude test preparation. It contains over 600 questions for practice.

The articles are arranged by topic. It also includes formulas for various problems. This app is designed for CAT, MAT, GMAT, SAT and much more.

Questions about logical thinking are also asked. It also offers detailed solutions to tricky problems.

2. Fitness Coach

Meanwhile, Aptitude Trainer is an Aptitude app with an easy-to-use interface. It’s a lightweight Android app. This application offers 1,000 additional questions with corresponding explanations.

This app has two different training modes. One of them is the test mode, where the app can judge your performance based on your score. With the help of this app, you can pass all quantitative exams like the SAT, CMAT, CAT and Bank exams.

It is a popular app for Android.

3. Fitness Plus

Aptitude Plus is also an Android aptitude app designed for various types of aptitude tests including reasoning tests. It is simple and easy to use with an excellent quality user interface.

With this app, you can prepare for bank exams, multinational company proficiency tests, state tests and more without having to buy a book. This app also provides mathematical formulas and detailed problem solving.

4. Eligibility Questions and Answers

Aptitude Questions and Answers is another popular app that is available for Android devices for free. It offers logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, aptitude and math questions.

This app is very light and easy to use. It is among the best options in terms of fitness apps for Android.

It also covers questions about university internships, bank tests, and government jobs, among other things.

5. Quantitative Aptitude Test App

Quantitative Aptitude Test App is another wonderful app for Android to help individuals prepare for aptitude tests. This app also covers all general fitness topics for all quantitative exams including RRB, IBPS and much more.

With this app, you don’t need to buy a book on proficiency test preparation. It’s also a lightweight Android app that, like the other apps on this list, is simple and easy to use.

It is compatible with various Android device versions.

We have more aptitude prep apps, so read on.

6. IndiaBIX

IndiaBIX, on the other hand, is an online android aptitude app that offers 3,000+ general aptitude questions on various practice topics. It also provides regular update on its issues.

It helps applicants exam CAT, CAT, MAT, IBPS, clerk jobs and bank jobs.

7. Aptitude test preparation

Aptitude Test Prep is a good choice, excellent offline android aptitude prep app. It regularly updates its questions and also offers over 1,000 questions for practice.

This app also ranks its theme based on different categories. Users can select items from a specific group that they need more practice on.

It also provides a detailed solution to all questions.

8. Quantitative Eligibility Formulas

Quantitative Aptitude Formulas is an Android app that provides fitness tricks and tips to solve multiple questions in minutes. This app also includes an online test mode that allows you to test your performance on a daily basis.

This app also offers multiple choice questions with an easy to use interface. This is a quick way for you to complete the quantitative exam for banks and government jobs.

9. Technical Qualification

Engineering Aptitude is a specialized app specially designed for engineering students. This app focuses on multiple choice questions.

It also includes a mix of basic technical questions, communication skills, logical thinking and math. It is also an easy-to-use app that offers detailed solution to complex problems.

10. Preparation for the GATE exam

GATE is a free Android app. It mainly focuses on engineering mathematics and aptitude.

This app also contains the previous year’s GATE question paper for practice in all engineering.

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