Wise Decision: US Senate Candidates Begin Prep for Election Night Watch – KOMU May 8th | Hot Mobile Press

Across the state, voters go to the polls to make their voices heard in the state primary.

Polling stations are open Tuesdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. for those voting in person. All postal votes are due by 7:00 p.m

Voters in Missouri do not have to be registered with a party to vote in primary elections, but you can vote in only one party primary. To find your polling station and see what’s on your ballot, visit the Secretary of State’s website here.

As candidates prepare for election night, KOMU 8 also prepares team coverage for the day, bringing you updates from across the state on KOMU 8, KOMU.com, and the KOMU 8 streaming apps.

Current election reporting and figures can be found here.

To see who KOMU 8 will be following, visit our previous coverage here.

Check out this story for poll results and updates from the KOMU 8 News team throughout the day.

8 p.m.: Supporters for US Senate candidates are beginning to arrive for watch parties

17 o’clock: Boone County voter turnout at 17.5%

4:30 p.m.: US Senate candidates begin preparing for the election vigil

KOMU 8 has reporters at several observation parties across the state for US Senate candidates.

14 o’clock: Boone County voter turnout at 12%

9 a.m.: Boone County turnout at 3.9%

The Boone County Clerk Office reports an unofficial turnout of 3.9% as of 9 a.m

There are 44 polling locations in Boone County, including three central locations:

  • Boone County Government Center
  • Friendship Baptist Church in Northern Colombia
  • Woodcrest Chapel Church in southern Colombia

Anyone registered to vote in Boone County can vote at these central locations. These are available to all voters who have no chance of making it to their assigned polling station.

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