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Being one of, let alone being the best, college football announcer is almost a thankless task. Tasked with bringing the game’s environment to millions of homes around the world, it’s mainly when you make a mistake on the call that you’re put in the spotlight. Still, the very best find a way to illuminate the game and conjure up a heady mix of emotion, excitement and education while describing the game in their unique way. Ahead of the 2022 CFB season, we take a look at the top announcers whose voices will be penetrating our homes this fall.

Subjectivity is the name of the game when it comes to the best CFB announcers. What may captivate one pair’s ears may grate on another. While you may not agree with the rankings below, hopefully we’ve explained the choices enough for people to understand the “why” behind them. With some of the biggest names in college football announcing they will no longer be behind the mic – we’re looking at you in particular Verne Lundquist – there is a mix of emerging and established talent in our rankings.

5) Robert Griffin III

Just a year into his broadcasting career — and with eyes firmly on a return to the NFL — it might seem odd to find Robert Griffin III on a list of CFB’s top announcers. However, the former Baylor quarterback got off to a spectacular start to this commenting chapter of his career during this past college football campaign. RG3 combines the right amount of excitement, sound analysis and composure in his task. Meanwhile, he avoids the bias that ex-players often cloud when transitioning from the field to the dressing room.

4) Eric MacLain

Former Clemson offensive lineman Eric Mac Lain is emerging as a media starlet and is one of the key components of the ACC Network’s coverage of CFB. However, he is not only categorized into this conference, but provides an in-depth and exciting analysis of group-of-five football, such as the Sun Belt Showdown between Coastal Carolina and Louisiana in 2020. Mac Lain’s playing experience helps him do this eloquently explain intricacies of the game. Meanwhile, his warm and humble personality encourages interpersonal engagement.

3) Chris Fowler

Since taking over the Saturday Night Football job from Brent Musberger—who himself earned a spot at the top of that list—in 2014, Chris Fowler’s voice has become synonymous with college football’s biggest events.

Coinciding with the start of the College Football Playoff era, he vividly described some of the most memorable moments in the sport’s recent history. Fowler’s calm, detailed account of events gives way to a crescendo of excitement with the unraveling of a key game like Alabama’s comeback at the 2018 National Championship.

2) Sean McDonough

It may seem odd to underestimate an announcer whose career spans 40 years, but in many ways Sean McDonough is not getting the recognition as a CFB announcer he deserves. He consistently manages to find the sweet spot between impressive information and capturing the excitement of the game.

McDonough’s knowledge is particularly impressive given the wide range of sports he covers. Also, his admission that he prefers college football to the NFL puts him in a very special place in my heart.

1) GusJohnson

Gus Johnson could probably make a trip to the bathroom sound like the most exciting and electrifying event in world history. For that alone he deserves to be on the pedestal of the best announcers in CFB. Granted, Johnson’s sometimes overzealous yells may be a bit much for some. But for me that is the job of the CFB spokesman. They are paid to capture and convey the excitement of the sport. It’s a testament to his ability to make his voice unmistakable, even if you don’t know his name.

Honorable Mention for CFB’s Best Announcers

  • Joe Tessitore
  • Anisch Shroff
  • Brad Nessler
  • Death Blackledge
  • Tim Brando
  • Spencer Tilman
  • Gary Danielson
  • Kirk Herbstreit
  • Brian Griese
  • Beth Mowins

Oliver Hodgkinson is an NFL Draft and College Football Analyst for Pro Football Network. Try this rest of his work hereand you can find him on Twitter: @ojhodgkinson.

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