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Google Contacts comes preinstalled on almost every single Android phone. Using Google’s virtual phone book has probably become a muscle memory for you by now.

Did you know that apart from the most basic functions, you can do even more with the app? Here are the top five Google Contacts tips and tricks you need to know.

Clean duplicate contacts

The new tab

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Countless times I’ve accidentally saved the same person’s contact details under different aliases in my Google Contacts list. Some of you have probably done the same and never bothered to clean up the mess.

Google kindly introduced something called Fix & Manage, a special tool in Contacts for cleaning up all those duplicate contacts. Here’s how you can use it to tidy up your house.

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First open the Google Contacts app on your phone. Look at the bottom of the app and you will find a tab called Repair and manage. Tap the Repair & Manage tab and browse the tools. To fix duplicate contacts, tap Merge & Repair. Google will automatically pull up all duplicates and help you through the correction process. Now you can proceed with the necessary cleanup.

Add home screen widgets

Google Contacts widgets on an Android phone's home screen

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi/Android Central)

The sole purpose of learning these tips and tricks is to get more out of Google Contacts, faster and in less time. What better way to maximize efficiency than using shortcuts?

It’s really convenient to select the people you interact with the most and add them right on your Android phone’s home screen. This can be done using Google Contacts widgets.

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi/Android Central)

Start with press and hold your phone’s home screen. Choose widgets option from the menu that opens. Scroll through all widgets to find them Google Contacts.

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi/Android Central)

Under the Google contacts widgets listed, you will see three options: Contact, direct dialand direct message. These are shortcuts to instantly open, call or text a specific contact. press and hold Select the desired widget and place it on your home screen.

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