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There are many PDF editors that offer services for mobile devices with the goal of simplicity and accessibility. However, there is not enough free pdf editor Applications that provide exclusive services for smartphones. Aside from providing the basic functionality of reading PDF files on mobile devices, there are no specific features that can be considered lucrative and productive.

Contrary to this narrative set up by most PDF editors on the market, this article introduces the readers Wondershare PDFelement for iOS, a platform built for iOS users with impressive PDF management capabilities. Check out the article to learn more about this PDF management option for better document management.

Part 1: What is Wondershare PDFelement for iOS?

Wondershare PDFelement for iOS has arrived on the smartphone market as the perfect PDF management application. The services and features offered on the platform are some of the best options that one can find in one PDF editor. PDFelement is known as an all-in-one PDF editor that not only processes the complete PDF document for its users, but also manages it in a variety of ways.

Starting from its cross-platform customization qualities, Wondershare PDFelement for iOS is available as a desktop, mobile and web solution. Whether you are a Windows user, a Mac user or an Android user, you can find Wondershare PDFelement to help you in all places. Even if you don’t think about downloading any PDF editor app On your device, you can still enjoy exclusive PDF management options in Document Cloud, the online version of PDFelement.

This greatly enhances the fact that no matter where you are, you can make potential changes to your PDF documents and have them managed without any particular obstacles. Such easy accessibility is not found in all available PDF editors, making PDFelement a particular choice in the market. This article today is based on providing details about the brand new version of PDFelement for iOS while also discussing the changes that have been made across the platform to improve user experience.

Some outstanding features that PDFelement for iOS offers.

The following points highlight some of the main features introduced or revised exclusively in the brand new version of Wondershare PDFelement for iOS:

  1. Improved UI Design: PDFelement for iOS now has a new and improved UI design that allows users to effectively organize their documents in folders and access all tools in one cohesive structure. The user experience offered on the iOS devices is not only easy to understand but also provides users with extensive connectivity to all available features.
  2. Multiple features in PDF management: Unlike other PDF editors, PDFelement for iOS offers multiple features that are not limited to reading PDF documents. You can consider editing your PDFs, converting them to appropriate formats for improved usability, scanning images to create PDF files, and annotating them to highlight key points in each document. There are several other features available through PDFelement which makes it very productive.
  3. Exclusive Cloud Connectivity: Wondershare PDFelement has expanded its operations to include direct connectivity with the cloud system. With the new PDFelement for iOS, you can now open, save and share PDF documents across platforms using the cloud services it offers.
  4. Improved file management: As already mentioned, this PDF editor is much more than reading PDF documents. Users can find the option to create PDF files from scratch. In addition, they can manage their PDF documents within the folders, all within a smartphone.

Part 2: Review of PDFelement for iOS and its Main Features

We will now look at some of the important and highlighting features offered in it Wondershare PDFelement for iOS, which offers an improved user experience when managing PDFs on a smartphone device.

1. Create and manage PDF files

PDFelement for iOS offers a better system to manage and create PDF files on smartphone. Without various connections with the computer or other devices, you can easily create PDF files. PDF creation is not limited to creating blank PDF files; Users can also create PDF files from folders and create PDF documents by scanning photos.


Then, cross-platform access to PDF documents is also easy with PDFelement. It also offers a search feature that makes file searching extremely easy for all types of users. No matter what folder your file is saved in, PDFelement will give you results accordingly. To manage PDF files efficiently, users can create folders for better file management across the platform.

2. Edit PDF files

Editing PDF files is much better and improved with Wondershare PDFelement for iOS. With the brand new PDFelement for iOS, it now easily supports text and image editing. Make appropriate changes to your PDF documents on your smartphone. Then, you’ll find multiple annotation tools throughout the platform.

From simple highlighting to content underlining, users can use comments as a source to annotate PDF files. No matter where you are, you can make corresponding changes to the content of the PDF files anywhere on a smartphone. In addition, there are several other features and functions available across the platform. Starting from converting the PDF document to multiple formats, you can also convert your captured images to PDF files.


In addition, you will find the PDF optimizer feature throughout the mobile application, which allows you to reduce the file size of large PDFs so that you can properly use the files across the platform. You can also consider merging your PDF documents and compressing them into .zip files to save as much space on your smartphone as possible.


3. Document cloud

Wondershare PDFelement now comes with direct cloud format support where users can directly interact with their files using their dedicated cloud service, Wondershare Cloud. With simple cloud-based document management services across the platform, users can easily save their files to the cloud. In addition, they can also easily share their documents through the platform.

Using Document Cloud services, you’ll find the ability to induce collaborative annotations and comments across the platform. With such productive systems offered through the cloud system, it is much easier for users to improve synchronization and control the flow of their documents.

4. Prices

Wondershare PDFelement for iOS is exclusively productive with impressive price packages. Find the cheapest price packages according to your needs, which are characterized as follows:

Packages for PDFelement for iOS only
Monthly plan $6.99/month
annual plan $29.99/year
permanent schedule $39.99


Find out more about the iOS version of with this comprehensive review Wondershare PDF element along with the features that make it one of the best services out there. Make the most of the PDF management services offered on the platform to effortlessly manage and create high-quality PDFs.

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