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Next week next home and away In the UK, when four new characters arrive in Summer Bay, Flick thinks they may hold the key to reversing Salt… can Mac be convinced?

At the end of this week, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) appears to be out of options as she finally puts Salt up for sale.

After managing to avoid jail time for the illegal poker nights, Mac is in more debt than ever – and although she received a very generous offer from a potential investor, Mac eventually realized she couldn’t cede the majority of control in her business to a complete stranger.

After helping put up Salt’s for-sale sign, co-worker Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) suddenly had an epiphany and quickly called Brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

As we return to the storyline next week, Flick Cash reveals she plans to use her half of her father’s inheritance to invest in Salt. While Cash supports her, it’s her money after all, he points out that it would cost every penny her father left her – is she sure she wants to take that risk?

Flick knows she can help turn Salt around, but is upset when her suggestion to buy into Salt as an equal partner is flatly rejected by Mac, who tries to explain that it’s nothing personal.

When Cash later speaks to Mac himself, he tells her about the inheritance and points out that Flick’s willingness to invest shows that she genuinely believes they can save the business together if Mac just gives her that chance.

Mac calls Flick back to Salt and apologizes for shutting them down – she was just being careful as she lost all her money and didn’t want the same thing to happen to Flick.

But after carefully thinking things through, Mac Flick says she’s ready to take up their offer. She suggests Flick take some time to think it over, but Mac doesn’t have time to finish it before Flick yells yes! Cash and Tane (Ethan Browne) toast their new partnership with the couple.

Later in the week, after returning from a few days in town where they found Flick becoming a co-owner, Flick is (of course) in bed with Tane when they hear a strange noise outside.

Tane thinks he’s imagining it, but then they hear it again – it’s music.

As Flick listens, she suddenly realizes what is happening and rushes outside to find an impromptu concert at the end of her driveway!

The band Lyrik are actually Flick’s friends from town, with whom she had spent some time down there the night before.

Flick had told them to stop by if they were ever in the area, but she certainly didn’t think it would be the next day!

Flick explains everything to a confused Tane and introduces her, but he is surprised when he returns home later after work to find that the band have completely taken over his living room since Flick invited them to stay the night!

Meanwhile, Flick is already finding it difficult to work with Mac as an equal partner as their proposals for a revamp continue to be shot down.

The arrival of Lyrik gives Flick an idea, and when she introduces Mac to the band, she explains that she wants them to play a band night at the Salt to help out the ailing restaurant!

Mac looks visibly unimpressed…is the new partnership doomed?

Who are Lyric?

The band are old friends of Flick’s from town, who they met about four years ago when they were the house band at a bar where she worked.

Bob Forsyth (Rob Mallett) is Lyrik’s lead singer who has big plans for the band. While he’s excited to visit Flick in Summer Bay, he certainly doesn’t think the sleepy town deserves its music, and it’s quickly apparent that Bob’s attitude is causing some friction within the group…

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Rob was very quick to sum up his character, telling Australian magazine TV Week: “Bob wants everything; Fame, fame and artistic integrity.

Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson) is Bob’s keyboardist and also his girlfriend, a development that surprised Flick. Their relationship can only be described as rocky, with Kirby often caught between Bob and the rest of the band.

In a way, she’s like the ocean…‘ Angelina told TV Week. “Wild, passionate, playful, creative, exuberant and at the same time calm and loving.

Lead guitarist is Remi Carter (Adam Rowland), best bud and constant teaser of bassist Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo).

Remi Carter is the epitome of Australian Larrikin,‘ said Adam. “He enjoys having fun and stirring the pot, but is loyal to his friends and family.

About her character, Stephanie added: “Eden is a wild child full of fire and fun. She is fiercely loyal, speaks her mind and loves most of all her music and her friends and family.”

what happened to tane

You might be wondering why Tane suddenly shows up with a noose in Monday’s episode, having apparently been fine the last time we saw him!

This was actually the result of an operation on actor Ethan Browne’s arm after he injured himself in January.

Due to its sudden nature, it is only touched upon briefly when MacTane asks what happened and he replies, “Ah, it’s nothing…

MEMORY: From Monday, August 1st, the midday performance of home and away Channel 5 is now broadcasting at 1:45 p.m.

Here are the full spoilers for next week home and away Follow in UK:

Monday August 8th (Episode 7826)

Could Mackenzie and Felicity make a good business team? Rose finds romantic distraction in Tex. Cash and Rose clash.

Tuesday August 9th (Episode 7827)

Cash loses his appetite for family lunches. Rose brings an uninvited guest. Tex charmingly manages to keep his job when Roo unexpectedly returns. Did Justin sabotage Theo’s education?

Wednesday August 10 (Episode 7828)

Rose confesses her secret feelings. Ziggy and Dean plan a road trip. Theo’s exam success is shortened. Roo and Marilyn are Team Tex.

Thursday, August 11 (Episode 7829)

Felicity’s friends arrive in Summer Bay. Nikau accidentally agrees to a date. Chloe can’t juggle two jobs. Can Ziggy save Theo’s education?

Friday 12th August (Episode 7830)

Felicity and Mac fight over business. The band takes over Tane’s house. Can Nikau have a girl friend?

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